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Profiling Fabio Miretti, the future of Juventus' midfield

A brief profile of Juve's best home-grown talent since Claudio Marchisio

Juventus' Fabio Miretti in the club's 2022/23 shirt set against a night sky
Stephen Ganavas

AUGUST 12, 2022

Who is Fabio Miretti?

Fabio Miretti’s rise in 2021/22 was astonishing. He had made his first small steps into Serie C with Juventus’ under-23 team in 2020/21, but in 2021/22 he went to another level, becoming a key player in the under-23s, while also being one of the star players of that season’s edition of the UEFA Youth League as Juve made a strong run to the semi-finals.

But the most astonishing development was still to come, as he was drafted into Juventus’ senior team as it crawled to its dull conclusion. Massimiliano Allegri, notoriously hesitant to blood youngsters, decided to blood Miretti in some late-season Serie A dead rubbers – he started the last four games of the season against Venezia, Genoa, Lazio and Fiorentina, and he was excellent.

Before his debut, it seemed likely that Miretti would be a candidate for a Serie A loan next season in order to gain further experience before returning to Juve. After his debut, it now appears likely that Miretti will be hanging around the first team next season to play a role in Allegri’s midfield.

Fabio Miretti's style of play

There’s so much to like about Miretti’s game both in and out of possession. Off the ball, he is a rugged, combative defensive player that presses with intensity and closes spaces quickly, always looking for interceptions to kick-start transition opportunities in attack.

With possession, he is a press-resistant, creative and damaging player that can play across a number of roles. Deep in midfield he can be that press-resistant, line-breaking ball carrier that helps his team beat the first line of the press. He can also play a box-to-box role, using his industrious qualities as a ball-winner, while also being given license to be aggressive going forward. Or he can play as a pure number ten, where his creativity, dribbling and excellent ball-striking technique all come to the fore.

The biggest weakness in Miretti’s game is his eagerness to force the play a little bit too much; he loves to be aggressive and direct, but he needs to be more aware of his team’s structure ahead of the ball when doing so.

But there’s no doubt Juventus have a gem on their hands. He is Italy’s most technically proficient midfield prospect since Marco Verratti, and has the potential to be a plug-and-play player in a range of systems and tactical set-ups given the multitude of roles he can play.

Fabio Miretti is Italy’s most technically proficient midfield prospect since Marco Verratti, and he also leaves no stone unturned off the ball either, with an eagerness to press and rapid closing speed to force turnovers.

Fabio Miretti is often too keen to force play forward, either as a dribbler or a passer, leading to turnovers that could be avoided with a better understanding of his team’s structure ahead of the play.

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