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Football Manager 2024 Best Left-Backs

Some of our favourite left-backs to sign in Football Manager 2024

We cover youth football, that’s our jobs, but we love Football Manager. We’ve combined both to compile a list of the young left-backs that you should start scouting on your Football Manager 2024 saves.

These aren’t exclusively the “best” but they’re intriguing prospects for clubs across the spectrum of football, available at a range of prices. They’re players that we like in real-life that look exciting in FM24.

For more, check out our talent lists and player profiles. Scroll down to see our lists.

Who are the best wonderkids in Football Manager 2024?

Here are the highest potential rated players in FC 24 Career Mode.

1. Erling Haaland – Manchester City – Age 22 – ST – 91 Overall/94 Potential

2. Vinicus Jr. – Real Madrid – Age 22 – LW – 89 Overall/94 Potential

3. Jamal Musiala – Bayern Munich – Age 20 – 86 Overall/93 Potential

4. Pedri – FC Barcelona – Age 20 – CM – 86 Overall/92 Potential

5. Khvicha Kvaratskhelia – SSC Napoli – Age 22 – LW/RW – 86 Overall/92 Potential

6. Florian Wirtz – Bayer Leverkusen – Age 20 – CAM/CM – 85 Overall/91 Potential

7. Jude Bellingham – Real Madrid – Age 20 – CAM/CM – 87 Overall/91 Potential

8. Rodrygo Goes – Real Madrid – Age 22 – RW/LW/ST – 85 Overall/91 Potential

9. Gavi – FC Barcelona – Age 18 – CM/LW – 83 Overall/90 Potential

10. Bukayo Saka – Arsenal – Age 21 – RW/RM – 86 Overall/90 Potential

11. Phil Foden – Manchester City – Age 23 – LW/RW – 85 Overall/90 Potential

12. Alex Balde – FC Barcelona – Age 19 – LB/RB – 81 Overall/89 Potential

13. Rasmus Hojlund – Manchester United – Age 20 – ST – 76 Overall/89 Potential

14. Gabri Veiga – Al-Ahli – Age 21 – CM/CAM – 78 Overall/89 Potential

15. Eduardo Camavinga – Real Madrid – Age 20 – CDM/CM/LB – 82 Overal 89 Potential

16. Enzo Fernandez – Chelsea FC- Age 22 – CM/CDM/CAM – 83 Overall/89 Potential

17. Xavi Simons – RB Leipzig – Age 20 – CAM/LW/RW – 80 Overall/89 Potential

18. William Saliba – Arsenal – Age 22 – CB – 83 Overall/89 Potential

19. Aurelien Tchouameni – Real Madrid – Age 23 – CDM/CM – 84 Overall/89 Potential

20. Sandro Tonali – Newcastle United – Age 23 – CDM/CM – 86 Overall/89 Potential

21. Matthijs de Ligt – Bayern Munich – Age 23 – CB – 86 Overall/89 Potential

22. Warren Zaire-Emery – Paris Saint-Germain – Age 17 – CM/CDM – 75 Overall/88 Potential

23. Antonio Silva – SL Benfica- Age 19 – CB – 78 Overall/88 Potential

24. Fabio Miretti – Juventus – Age 19 – CM/CAM – 75 Overall/88 Potential

25. Alejandro Garnacho – Manchester United – Age 19 – LW/LM – 75 Overall/88 Potential

26. Ansu Fati – Age 20 – Brighton – LW/ST – 78 Overall/88 Potential

Alejandro Baldé

Put simply, Alejandro Baldé is one of the best left-backs in FM24 from the off. Equipped with extraordinary athleticism, solid mental attributes, good attacking qualities, as well as the versatility to play anywhere down the left flank, the La Masia graduate is a world class option in a number of left-sided roles.

That comes at a premium, of course. Getting him out of Barça will be extremely difficult but, if you get the chance to sign him, jump at it. Baldé is the type of left-back that can elevate a team from good to great. His release clause? A cool €1 billion.

Patrick Dorgu

A budget alternative to Alejandro Baldé would be Patrick Dorgu. The Dane has a similar skillset to the Spaniard: athletic and attack-minded, he’s the type of left-back that can dominate an entire flank by himself if needed. He’s a talented dribbler, passer and off-ball mover.

There’s plenty of room for him to improve defensively, but that will come with time and good coaching. You can’t go wrong for the €8 million it will take to sign him from Lecee. Move quickly though, because big clubs are interested in him from the start.

Lewis Hall

Lewis Hall can be developed in a number of ways in Football Manager 2024. Some may choose to use him in midfield, making the most of his box-to-box abilities. We suggest you utilise him as a left-back, though.

Why? His 15 crossing is a big reason. He has the ability to be a potent attacker from deeper areas, hitting dangerous spaces from deep and wide. The sticking point with Hall is he’s only just joined Newcastle (and doesn’t officially move there permanently until 2024) but keep an eye on his status there and pounce if he becomes available.


Signed by Santos in 2022, Kevyson is a promising left-back talent in Brazilian football. You’ll have to pay a pretty hefty sum to sign him at the start of your saves, but bide your time and you may be able to get him at a cheaper rate in a year or two.

His FM24 profile is one of a high-level full-back in the making. He has everything you want from your wing-back: he can attack as a dribbler and crosses, defend as a tackler, and he has the mobility and stamina to make an impact on both sides of the ball.

Björn Meijer

Björn Meijer is a good option for mid-level clubs across the top-flve leagues in FM24. He has the skillset to play a lot of minutes straight away and the potential to develop into a long-term starter for your side. How much does he cost? About the €6 million fee that Club Brugge signed him for from FC Groningen in 2022.

He’s nothing flash, just solid. Meijer is a capable athlete and solid technician with a balanced mentality. He probably won’t win you games, but he won’t lose you them either. If you value solidity, then the Dutchman should be on your shortlist.

Álex Valle

Another La Masia graduate on this list, Álex Valle is a well-rounded prospect that has the potential to play at the highest levels in FM24. He defends as well as he attacks, providing a two-way presence down the left flank, equipped with traits (gets forward whenever possible, plays one-twos) that are perfect for an overlapping full-back.

Unlike Baldé, Valle is more than attainable. He starts on loan at Levante in Spain’s second division, which is a bit of a hurdle, but you can get him for about €3 million at the start of your saves. That makes him a great little buy for clubs at all kinds of levels.

What roles can left-backs play in Football Manager 2024?

Left-back is one of the most interesting positions in Football Manager 2024. You can dramatically dictate your team’s play style by how you deploy them. The different roles are as following:

  • Full-Back
  • Wing-Back
  • No-Nonsense Full-Back
  • Complete Wing-Back
  • Inverted Wing-Back
  • Inverted Full-Back

Each role serves a very different function. Inverted Wing-Back has become a fan favourite because of its popularity at the elite-level of the real-life game. Similarly, the brand-new inverted full-back will also be a popular choice in FM24. 

The other four roles can be put on a spectrum from No-Nonsense Full-Back to Full-Back to Wing-Back and then to Complete Wing-Back in order of attacking intent. The No-Nonsense role will suit lower-level right-backs with poor technical ability, allowing them to focus purely on their defensive role. 

Full-Backs will still look to defend, but also offer width when needed as an overlapping runner. Wing-Backs will look to be more aggressive in all aspects of the play, while Complete Wing-Backs are attack first options that generally need to be supported by a midfielder that will stay deep and support them defensively.

What attributes are important for left-backs in Football Manager 2024?

This is role dependent, of course, but generally the core aspect of a left-backs skillset will be their physical attributes. No-Nonsense Full-Backs will require strength, while the other roles all require good speed and stamina in order to cover the flank for a full game.

As for mental attributes? Positioning, concentration, decision-making, anticipation and off the ball are all crucial. Right-backs need to make so many choices about their positioning and how much they can commit to an attack without allowing themselves to be exposed defensively, while some of those other attributes are critical for final third movement execution.

Theo Hernández is the best left-backs in Football Manager 2024, along with the likes of Andy Robertson and Luke Shaw.

Nuno Mendes is the best young left-back in Football Manager 2024, closely followed by the likes of Joško Gvardiol and Alejandro Baldé.

Patrick Dorgu and Álex Valle are great budget left-backs in Football Manager 2024.

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