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Football Manager 2024 Best Central Midfielders

Some of our favourite central midfielders to sign in Football Manager 2024

We cover youth football like nobody else and love a bit of Football Manager. We’ve combined both to compile a list of the young central midfielders that you should start scouting on your Football Manager 2024 saves.

These aren’t exclusively the “best” but they’re intriguing prospects for clubs across the spectrum of football, available at a range of prices. They’re players that we like in real-life that look really good in FM24 too.

For more, check out our talent lists and player profiles. Scroll down to see our lists.

Jude Bellingham's FM24 profile and attributes as one of the best central midfielders on Football Manager 2024

Jude Bellingham

Jude Bellingham is on another level to almost every player on the planet. His blockbuster move to Real Madrid has seen him elevate to another tier entirely, impacting games with a speight of goals and his outstanding all-phase abilities.

Just look at his FM24 profile. It has everything – game-changing athleticism, astonishing mental attributes, plus a technical skillset that can pass, drive, dribble, create and score. Getting him out of Real Madrid will be extremely difficult and likely depend on him falling out of favour or feeling a bit homesick. If you get the chance, pull the trigger.

His real-life form at Real Madrid has seen him receive another significant bump in ratings after the winter update. He’s now one of the very best on the game full stop, not just in terms of central midfielders.

Javi Guerra's FM24 profile and attributes as one of the best central midfielders on Football Manager 2024

Javi Guerra

Another LaLiga midfielder that looks like a sure-thing for the future is Javi Guerra, the Valencia academy graduate that’s broken into a starting role at his boyhood club since the end of last season.

Similar to Bellingham, Guerra is a well-rounded presence in midfield. He’s quite big, pretty athletic, a multi-faceted player with a well-balanced mindset. He looks primed to be developed into a top-level box-to-box midfielder, and his traits (Tries killer balls often, Arrives late into penalty area) will make him a potent one too. He has a release clause of €100 million.

Victor Hugo's FM24 profile and attributes as one of the best central midfielders on Football Manager 2024

Victor Hugo

Brazil produces so much top-level talent that much of it flies under the radar. We’d put Victor Hugo in that bracket. Despite being a regular for Rio de Janeiro giants Flamengo in 2023, his presence has hardly registered in wider football circles for whatever reason.

You shouldn’t sleep on him in FM24 either. Victor Hugo has a profile that should be on your shortlists if you’re managing a competitive top-five league club. The only obvious weakness to his game is the over-reliance on his left foot; apart from that, Hugo has all the tools to be an all-action midfielder. You can’t go wrong for roughly €8 million, a low fee which seems to be the consequence of him starting in the U-19 squad at the start of your saves.

Assan Ouédraogo's FM24 profile and attributes as one of the best central midfielders on Football Manager 2024

Assan Ouédraogo

Stood at over 6’3” tall, Assan Ouédraogo is an eye-catching midfield talent. He’s a graduate of Schalke’s famous academy and one of Germany’s most interesting emerging prospects.

He has shades of Paul Pogba in style and skills. He likes to move with the ball despite his lanky size, slinking between bodies to escape tight areas and open up the game. His mental attributes need honing, but the basis is there for a big player in stature and impact. The best bit? You can get him for a set €13 million at the start of your saves.

What roles can central midfielders play in Football Manager 2024?

Along with defensive midfielder and striker, the central midfield positions has the bigger variety, with a total of eight different roles to pick from, as follows:

  • Central Midfielder
  • Box-to-Box
  • Ball-Winning Midfielder
  • Carrilero
  • Mezzala
  • Advanced Playmaker
  • Deep-Lying Playmaker
  • Roaming Playmaker

The Central Midfielder role comes with four different mentalities: Attack, Support, Defend, and Automatic. The CM on Attack is one of the most popular and overpowered roles in the game, with midfielders capable of playing it in the right system being able to score a huge number of goals, rendering the role with the support duty a bit of a moot point.

Likewise, the Mezzala is also a popular role in FM24, with some even opting to play the ‘double-Mezzala’ in a three-man midfield. The Mezzala will look to move into the channels and out wide, look to be influential in the way the team plays in the final third, and suit a more up-tempo, high-pressing system that will allow them to commit to positions further up the pitch than other roles.

In terms of playmaking roles, the Deep Lying Playmaker is a popular pick for many coaches, with the role combining decent defensive solidity with playmaking from deep, while you can toggle how aggressive they are on both sides of the ball by toggling the Defend and Support duty.

A Roaming Playmaker is the ball carrying equivalent of the Deep Lying Playmaker. They’ll look to carry the ball up the field and when they get the opportunity, they’ll camp at the edge of the box looking to influence play in the final third with a shot or a killer ball.

The Advanced Playmaker is a more attacking option. They will look to sit between the opponent’s lines of defence and midfield looking to receive and then spark attacks with their creativity.

And then there are the defensive roles. First there is the Carrilero; a shuttling midfield that likes to operate across the breadth of the midfield looking to combine defence and attack in that way, rather than trying to be aggressive with their positioning.

The Ball Winning Midfielder is more aggressive, especially on the support duty, where they will look for opportunities to press and win the ball back higher up the field.

What attributes are important for central midfielders in Football Manager 2024?

Unlike other positions like centre-back, there isn’t really a set of core attributes that every central midfield role requires. However, if your player has a strong foundation of passing, tackling, work rate, stamina, positioning and decision-making, then they should suit most roles.

For the more creative roles, good passing, vision, technique and off the ball movement are crucial. The Roaming Playmaker will also need dribbling and long shots, but will also be aided by pace and acceleration that will help them carry the ball through midfield with speed. The Deep Lying Playmaker is probably the most simple: give them the ball, and make sure they can control it with a good first touch, and ensure they have the decision-making skills to best propel your team forward.

Advanced Playmakers will need good dribbling and agility to negotiate traffic in the final third, as well as some flair to pull off the best creative moves to break down defences.

In terms of the more defensive roles, Ball-Winning Midfielders will require marking, strength, and pace. Carrileros need to be a bit more expansive, so they will need good vision, off the ball movement and technique alongside that tackling.

For the attacking roles, you will be looking for good finishing, work rate (to track back after surging into the box), as well as speed, off the ball movement, composure and decision making. The Mezzala will stay a little deeper in attack, but will defend a little bit higher than a Central Midfielder on attack duty, so long shots and flair become important for your Mezzala, while tackling and teamwork are still important for Central Midfielders.

Bernardo Silva, Enzo Fernández, Joshua Kimmich, Federico Valverde and Frenkie de Jong are five of the best central midfielders on Football Manager 2024.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Real Madrid’s Jude Bellingham is the best young central midfielder on Football Manager 2024. He’s obscene.

We recommend signing João Neves from Benfica if you want an elite-level young central midfielder in Football Manager 2024 – but he won’t be cheap.

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