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Football Manager 2024 Best Attacking Midfielders

Some of our favourite attacking midfielders to sign in Football Manager 2024

Youth football and Football Manager – name a better combo. Luckily for you, we’re experts in both. We’ve combined both to compile a list of the young attacking midfielders that you should start scouting on your Football Manager 2024 saves.

These aren’t exclusively the “best” but they’re intriguing prospects for clubs across the spectrum of football, available at a range of prices. They’re players that we like in real-life that look really good in FM24 too.

For more, check out our talent lists and player profiles. Scroll down to see our lists.

Who are the best wonderkids in Football Manager 2024?

Here are the highest potential rated players in FC 24 Career Mode.

1. Erling Haaland – Manchester City – Age 22 – ST – 91 Overall/94 Potential

2. Vinicus Jr. – Real Madrid – Age 22 – LW – 89 Overall/94 Potential

3. Jamal Musiala – Bayern Munich – Age 20 – 86 Overall/93 Potential

4. Pedri – FC Barcelona – Age 20 – CM – 86 Overall/92 Potential

5. Khvicha Kvaratskhelia – SSC Napoli – Age 22 – LW/RW – 86 Overall/92 Potential

6. Florian Wirtz – Bayer Leverkusen – Age 20 – CAM/CM – 85 Overall/91 Potential

7. Jude Bellingham – Real Madrid – Age 20 – CAM/CM – 87 Overall/91 Potential

8. Rodrygo Goes – Real Madrid – Age 22 – RW/LW/ST – 85 Overall/91 Potential

9. Gavi – FC Barcelona – Age 18 – CM/LW – 83 Overall/90 Potential

10. Bukayo Saka – Arsenal – Age 21 – RW/RM – 86 Overall/90 Potential

11. Phil Foden – Manchester City – Age 23 – LW/RW – 85 Overall/90 Potential

12. Alex Balde – FC Barcelona – Age 19 – LB/RB – 81 Overall/89 Potential

13. Rasmus Hojlund – Manchester United – Age 20 – ST – 76 Overall/89 Potential

14. Gabri Veiga – Al-Ahli – Age 21 – CM/CAM – 78 Overall/89 Potential

15. Eduardo Camavinga – Real Madrid – Age 20 – CDM/CM/LB – 82 Overal 89 Potential

16. Enzo Fernandez – Chelsea FC- Age 22 – CM/CDM/CAM – 83 Overall/89 Potential

17. Xavi Simons – RB Leipzig – Age 20 – CAM/LW/RW – 80 Overall/89 Potential

18. William Saliba – Arsenal – Age 22 – CB – 83 Overall/89 Potential

19. Aurelien Tchouameni – Real Madrid – Age 23 – CDM/CM – 84 Overall/89 Potential

20. Sandro Tonali – Newcastle United – Age 23 – CDM/CM – 86 Overall/89 Potential

21. Matthijs de Ligt – Bayern Munich – Age 23 – CB – 86 Overall/89 Potential

22. Warren Zaire-Emery – Paris Saint-Germain – Age 17 – CM/CDM – 75 Overall/88 Potential

23. Antonio Silva – SL Benfica- Age 19 – CB – 78 Overall/88 Potential

24. Fabio Miretti – Juventus – Age 19 – CM/CAM – 75 Overall/88 Potential

25. Alejandro Garnacho – Manchester United – Age 19 – LW/LM – 75 Overall/88 Potential

26. Ansu Fati – Age 20 – Brighton – LW/ST – 78 Overall/88 Potential

Martin Baturina

Croatia has pedigree for producing great creative talent, and Martin Baturina is the next in an esteemed line of midfield playmakers to emerge from the Dinamo Zagreb academy.

If you want someone to unlock a defence, Baturina is as good as any. He has the vision to do it with clever passes and the ball control to do it with jinky dribbling. If you get him around the box in FM24, good things will happen – we guarantee it. €10 million  is the top-end price to sign him at the start of your saves.

Bilal El Khannouss

Bilal El Khannous has achieved a lot since breaking into the first team at KRC Genk last season. He’s nailed down a starting role for one, and he even went to the World Cup with Morocco having switched allegiances from his native Belgium.

The teenager is a high-end facilitator. He knits the game together with simple but intelligent actions. His 14+ rating for passing, vision, decisions, composure and off-ball movement replicate that in FM24. He won’t come cheap though, despite playing in a mid-tier league: you’ll need at least €20 million to sign him.

Xavi Simons

Xavi Simons has had immense pressure on him since an early age. He signed boot deals at 12 years old, starred in Nike adverts at 16, and had viral videos being shared across the internet for longer than that. But he’s pushed through to become one of Europe’s brightest attacking talents.

You can see that in his FM24 profile. Simons has the skillset of a game-changing attacker: he can dribble, combine, create and finish, and has the ability to play in every attacking position. Your time to get him should come when (or if) he returns to Paris Saint-Germain from his season-long loan at RB Leipzig.

Florian Wirtz

Fully recovered from an ACL injury, Florian Wirtz is back to doing what he does best: being the creative spark in an exciting Bayer Leverkusen team. Xabi Alonso’s side is even better for having him in it.

Wirtz’s qualities in FM24 are obvious to see and utilise. Get him behind your striker and let him get on the ball between lines to dribble at the defence and slip passes through to your forwards. He has the quality to score himself too, adding another layer of danger. He’s one of the best in FM24 – he won’t be cheap, but he will be worth it.

What roles can attacking midfielders play in Football Manager 2024?

Outside of Goalkeeper, Attacking Midfielders have the most limited number of roles in FM24. You only have the following five roles to pick from:

  • Attacking Midfielder
  • Advanced Playmaker
  • Trequartista
  • Enganche
  • Shadow Striker

The Advanced Playmaker will act as your team’s creative fulcrum. They will look to receive in pockets of space between the lines, using technical and passing quality to break down the defence. On attack duty, they’ll dribble at defenders more often to disrupt their shape.

The Attacking Midfielder role, on the other hand, will see your player occupy the hole behind the striker in a more aggressive way than an Advanced Playmaker. They will look to do a bit of everything behind the centre-forward, and having them set on Attack duty really encourages them to get involved.

The Trequartista role is fairly similar to the Advanced Playmaker, although they commit heavily to the offensive side of the game and will leave a lot of the defensive duty to others out of possession. They’re the old-fashioned number 10.

The Enganche is a creative role that will see your player stay quite stationary in the hole behind the striker for the attack to build around. They won’t attack the channels or the box, they are almost like a rebound wall that is excellent for building with one-two passes, for example.

And finally, the Shadow Striker role is the most aggressive role that looks to attack the penalty area with regularity, trying to work with another striker in their vicinity. Shadow Strikers are direct off the ball too, looking to create high turnovers to regain possession in dangerous parts of the pitch.

What attributes are important for attacking midfielders in Football Manager 2024?

The Enganche and Advanced Playmaker will require the same essential attributes: vision, dribbling, passing, technique, teamwork, off the ball movement, flair, decision-making, composure, anticipation, and agility. Another creative role, the Trequartista, will require the same attributes, but also some acceleration and finishing for those late runs into the penalty area.

The Attacking Midfielder skillset isn’t too different either. That will require finishing and long shots for creating from themselves from outside the box and also for looking to attack the penalty area and find chances there.

A Shadow Striker relies on pace, acceleration, stamina and work rate to fuel their off the ball work, as well as finishing and composure to aid them in the penalty area.

Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne is the best central midfielders on Football Manager 2024.

Barcelona’s Pedri and Bayern München’s Jamal Musiala are the best young attacking midfielders in Football Manager 2024.

Martin Baturina is a great budget option for those looking to sign a difference-making attacking midfielder in Football Manager 2024.

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