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EA FC 24 Best Strikers

Profiles on some of the best strikers you can sign on EA FC 24 Career Mode

We cover youth football. For all you EA FC 24 players, we’ve picked out a few of our favourite young STs that would be suitable signings on your EA FC 24 Career Mode saves. From Youssoufa Moukoko to Rodrigo Ribeiro, these are some of the best young strikers in FC 24.

Of course, if you are looking for older players, we have you sorted too, with a collection of the ten highest overall strikers at the start of your save. Click here for more EA FC 24 wonderkids.

How do I develop strikers in EA FC 24 Career mode?

There are a few key methods to develop strikers in FC 24. Firstly, they need to play senior minutes and get good match ratings in matches. Obviously, this needs to be balanced with your need to win games, but getting them on the field as much as possible is vital.

If you can’t give them minutes, then consider sending them on loan. However, when loaning players, ensure that you are sending them to a club where they will play senior minutes or you risk further stunting their growth.

Next, focus on doing well in training drills and earning good ratings. Generally, you should be able to play through each drill a few times, do them well, and then you should be able to subsequently simulate the sessions and earn a similar grade. However, if your grades start to fall, you should take control of your drills again to boost your ratings back up.

Lastly, and very importantly, is your player development plan. Development plans determine what kind of skillset you want your player to develop for their role in your team.

A screenshot of EA FC 24 career mode striker development pathway, featuring Juventus' Moise Kean

For strikers, there are five development paths to choose from:

Balanced – The all-round option that will see your striker develop all their attributes with no real particular focus.

Target Man – The Target Man development plan will see your striker focus on developing their jumping, strength, stamina, balance, reactions, ball control, heading accuracy, short passing and, of course, finishing.

Poacher – Poachers will aim to develop a lot of their shooting attributes; finishing, shot power, penalties, volleys, but also their sprint speed, attacking positioning, agility, reactions, and stamina.

Mobile Striker – A mobile striker, as the name suggests, will focus on sprint speed, acceleration, and stamina, but also attacking positioning, shot power, long shots, ball control and dribbler. It’s a natural fan favourite role.

Complete Striker – A complete striker will further develop their playmaking attributes, such as short passing, curve, and ball control, but also some key striking characteristics like finishing, attacking positioning, composure and shot power.

How do I develop centre-forwards in EA FC 24 Career mode?

If you play with a centre-forward in your system, then there are more options to choose from.

Balanced – Again, the all-round option that will see your centre-forward develop all their attributes with no real particular focus.

Bombardier (Deep Lying Forward) – The bombardier development plan looks to make your CF a devastating presence from the edge of the box, or as a late arriving penalty box attacker. And so, it boosts the development of sprint speed, acceleration, finishing, attacking positioning, shot power, long shots, reactions, heading accuracy, and stamina. The player will also develop their attacking work rate.

Penetrator – The penetrator role will help your CF develop as a linking player in tight spaces in the final third. It will boost their, sprint speed, finishing, long shots, short passing, balance, composure, ball control, dribbling and stamina. The player will also try to develop their skill move rating.

Playmaker Forward (Trequartista) – As a playmaker forward, your CF will focus a lot on his passing and dribbling. Vision, free kick accuracy, long passing, short passing, curve, ball control, attacking positioning, and stamina are all key focusses, as well as developing their weak foot.

Pressing Forward – A pressing forward will look to become a more effective defensive presence from the front. They will look to increase their defensive work rat, but also their standing tackle attribute, interceptions, stamina, agility, reactions, acceleration, plus attacking positioning, reactions, ball control and dribbling.

Who are the best strikers in EA FC 24 Career mode?

A bunch of the usual suspects are back to head the list of best STs in FC 24. Kylian Mbappé and Erling Haaland have now taken the mantle as the two highest rated strikers in the game, but they are still closely followed by the veterans: Lionel Messi, Karim Benzema, Harry Kane and Robert Lewandowski.

Kylian Mbappé24Paris Saint-Germain9194
Erling Haaland23Manchester City9194
Lionel Messi36Inter Miami9090
Karim Benzema35Al-Ittihad9090
Harry Kane30Bayern Munich9090
Robert Lewandowski35FC Barcelona9090
Victor Osimhen24Napoli8891
Antonie Griezmann32Atletico Madrid8888
Lautaro Martínez26Inter Milan8790
Cristiano Ronaldo38Al-Nassr8686
A cutout photo of Borussia Dortmund's Youssoufa Moukoko, one of the best strikers in EA FC 24

Youssoufa Moukoko

Possibly the most famous Football Manager and EA FC wonderkid of the last few years is Youssoufa Moukoko. And he is back again in FC24. Moukoko starts the game as a 77 overall and grows to become an 87 overall, while starting the game with some great striking fundamentals to help lead the line for your team.

He has great speed, finishing and dribbling qualities, and if you can afford his market value of around €22.5 million, he presents as an excellent first signing for your career mode if you start with a club with a decent budget. 4 star skills and 4 star weak foot are nice additions to his skillset too.

A cutout photo of Mainz's Nelson Weiper, one of the best strikers in EA FC 24

Nelson Weiper

Nelson Weiper is one of Germany’s most promising strikers. The Mainz forward has just started taking steps into senior football in the Bundesliga as a big, tall striker with great penalty box nous.

He will be a slow burn in FC24, starting at a 66 overall with the potential to reach a massive 86. Depending on how you start your career, he might be one to send on loan, but for those lower league saves he could be a decent starting option for a relatively cheap price early on.

A cutout photo of AS Monaco's Elisse Ben Seghir, one of the best strikers in EA FC 24

Elisse Ben Seghir

Elisse Ben Seghir is one of France’s most dynamic young creative forwards. That is very much translated into FC24, where despite his 72 starting overall rating, he possesses excellent dribbling qualities and decent passing ability.

However, Ben Seghir does have the potential to grow to an 85 overall, meaning his high quality baseline dribbling qualities should see him develop into the most dynamic dribblers in the game — although his 3 star skill moves are a bit of a drawback.

A cutout photo of PSV Eidhoven's Jason van Duiven, one of the best strikers in EA FC 24

Jason van Duiven

18-year-old Jason van Duiven is one of PSV’s most exciting young prospects, starting up front for Jong PSV this season as he bides his time for senior opportunities. If you are looking for a young striker to develop, but in a different mould to Nelson Weiper, then he might be a good option for your team.

Van Duiven is shorter than Weiper at 5’9”, with his game revolving around a more rounded blend of striker attributes as a 66 overall player. Expect that balanced blend to improve rapidly with game time, with van Duiven capable of reaching a potential of 84.

A cutout photo of Sporting CP's Rodrigo Ribeiro, one of the best strikers in EA FC 24

Rodrigo Ribeiro

Sporting’s Rodrigo Ribeiro is a striker that epitomises the old ‘good feet for a big man’ cliche. The 6’1” striker’s best attributes are dribbling and sprint speed, but he also possesses excellent jumping to make him a dynamic final third threat.

Ribeiro starts at 68 overall, and with a €3.1 million market value he is a good mid-level acquisition that could help your team in a variety of ways: as a starter for a lower level team, as a sub option on a decent team, or as a loan player to develop to bring into your first team in the future.

A cutout photo of Borussia Dortmund's Julian Rijkhoff, one of the best strikers in EA FC 24

Julian Rijkhoff

The proper low-cost option in this list is Borussia Dortmund’s Julian Rijkhoff. The former Ajax striker is a technical striker that starts as a 62 overall player, with the benefit of 4 star skill moves and strong agility and balance attributes.

At €1.1 million, he is a bargain buy considering his potential to develop into an 82 overall. It’s not a massive ceiling, but he is a good player that could potential help you in your transition from lower league football.

Kylian Mbappé, Erling Braut Haaland, Lionel Messi, Karim Benzema, Harry Kane and Robert Lewandowski are the highest-rated strikers in EA FC 24 Career Mode.

Youssoufa Moukoko, Nelson Weiper and Rodrigo Ribeiro are some of the highest potential young strikers in EA FC 24 Career Mode.

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