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EA FC 24 Best Left-Backs

Profiles on some of the best left-backs you can sign on EA FC 24 Career Mode

We cover youth football. For all you EA FC 24 players, we’ve picked out a few of our favourite young left-backs that would be suitable signings on your EA FC 24 Career Mode saves. From Patrick Dorgu to Valentín Barco, these are some of the best young LBs in the game.

If you’re looking for older players, we have you sorted too, with a collection of the ten highest overall left-backs at the start of your save. If you want more left-backs to sign, browse the rest of our website.

How do I develop left-backs in EA FC 24 Career mode?

There are a few key methods to develop left-backs in EA FC 24. Firstly, they need to play senior minutes and get good match ratings in matches. Obviously, this needs to be balanced with your need to win games but getting them on the field as much as possible is vital.

If you can’t give them minutes, then consider sending them on loan. However, when loaning players, ensure that you are sending them to a club where they will play senior minutes, or you risk further stunting their growth.

Next, focus on doing well in training drills and earning good ratings. Generally, you should be able to play through each drill a few times, do them well, and then you should be able to subsequently simulate the sessions and earn a similar grade. However, if your grades start to fall, you should take control of your drills again to boost your ratings back up.

Lastly, and very importantly, is your player development plan. Development plans determine what kind of skillset you want your player to develop for their role in your team.

A screenshot of EA FC 24 career mode left-back development pathway, featuring Juventus' Andrea Cambiaso

For left-backs, there are five development paths to choose from:

Balanced – The all-round option that will see your left-backs develop all their attributes with no real particular focus.

Wide Back – The wide back will focus on more traditional full-back attributes. Crossing will obviously be important, as well as long passing and ball control, and then agility and balance as they push up the wing. On the defensive side of the game, their slide tackling, defensive awareness, defensive work rate, interceptions and stamina will all be developed.

Attacking Wide Back – Attacking wide backs will play a more modern attacking style. Their focusses will be heavily slanted towards the attacking half of the field; sprint speed, acceleration, stamina, vision, crossing, short passing, ball control, curve and slide tackling, as well as attacking work rate, will be the main areas of development.

Inverted Wide Back – Inverted wide backs will look to push into midfield, and so their development will require very different things to the wide back role. Their development will centre around ball control, vision, dribbling, sprint speed and acceleration, while on the defensive side of the game you will see improvement in their interceptions and standing tackle, as well as their stamina. Your player’s weak foot will develop too.

Defensive Wide Back – A defensive wide back will be the most reserved option for your full-back’s development. They will aim to improve their strength, aggression, standing tackle, defensive awareness, heading accuracy, interceptions, stamina, reactions, and defensive work rate. They are the ultimate defensive utility.

How do I develop right wing-backs in EA FC 24 Career mode?

If you play with a left wing-back instead of a left-back, then there are more options to choose from.

Balanced – The all-round option that will see your left wing-backs develop all their attributes with no real particular focus.

Wing Back – The wing-back is very similar to the wide back but trades out some defensive utility for a better offensive threat. Crossing, long passing, short passing, attacking work rate, balance, agility, slide tackling, stamina and strength are the key attributes a wing-back will develop.

Attacking Wing Back – The attacking wing-back is the ultimate attacking weapon from the back. They will focus on developing skill moves, dribbling, ball control, stamina, short passing, curve, crossing, vision, acceleration and sprint speed to become a force down the wing, as well as defensively.

Inverted Wing Back ­– The inverted wing-back plays a little bit further up the field than the inverted wide back, and therefore swaps out development of their vision and standing tackling for long shots and balance. Outside of that, the two roles are the same, focussing on sprint speed, acceleration, short passing, ball control, dribbling, interceptions, stamina and weak foot.

Defensive Wing Back – The defensive wing-back role is quite similar to the defensive wide back. However, due to the nature of the more advanced positioning, there are some slightly different demands, trading out acceleration and heading accuracy for slide tackling and long passing. Outside of that, the defensive wing-back will develop defensive awareness, interceptions, defensive work rate, standing tackling, strength, stamina and aggression.

Who are the best left-backs in EA FC 24 Career mode?

Andrew Robertson29Liverpool8686
João Cancelo29FC Barcelona8686
Theo Hernández25A.C. Milan8590
Marcos Acuña31Sevilla8585
Alex Grimaldo28Bayer Leverkusen8484
Alphonso Davies22Bayern Munich8388
Jordi Alba34FC Barcelona8383
Luke Shaw28Manchester United8383
Nuno Mendes21Paris Saint-Germain8287
Federico Di Marco25Inter Milan8285
A cutout photo of Lecce's Patrick Dorgu, one of the best left-backs in EA FC 24

Patrick Dorgu

If you are after a value option that can help your club build through the lower leagues and eventually reach a Champions League level, then Lecce’s Patrick Dorgu is a great option for you. His game needs developing many areas, but he excels in a few key areas, with his highest attributes being 80 sprint speed, 78 balance, 74 acceleration and 70 dribbling.

At €1.8 million, he won’t break the bank, while he can develop massively from a starting overall rating of 64 into an eventual 85 overall. Not too shabby.

A cutout photo of Club Brugge's Björn Meijer, one of the best left-backs in EA FC 24

Björn Meijer

A good more developed option to bring in to your team is Club Brugge’s Björn Meijer. The Dutchman starts the game as a 73 overall rated left-back valued at €7 million with the potential to develop into an 85 overall player.

He has an interesting skillset, mainly predicated on his high strength, jumping and stamina stats. If you are looking for that aggressive style of left-back, then Meijer will be a really solid option for you, though he is caught a bit lacking in the more technical areas of the game.




A cutout photo of Bournemouth's Milos Kerkez, one of the best left-backs in EA FC 24

Milos Kerkez

It looks like Milos Kerkez is going to be a very popular signing in FC24 career mode for good reason. He is reasonably priced at €11.5 million, can grow from a 75 overall into an 85, and has a nice suite of attributes even at his starting rating.

85 acceleration, 79 sprint speed, 83 agility, 82 balance, 89 stamina, 73 dribbling… that’s what everyone wants to see. Just think about how damaging he can become once you’ve maxed him out to 85. If you can afford him, get him.




A cutout photo of Boca Juniors' Valentín Barco, one of the best left-backs in EA FC 24

Valentín Barco

Valentín Barco has become one of our absolute favourites at Scouted Football over the last year or so. The Boca Juniors left-back stands on the precipice of a big move to Europe, and his potential to become one of the best left-backs in the world is reflected in FC24.

He is not too dissimilar from Kerkez, but starts from a lower base with a 71 overall rating, but a lower price tag to match — he is valued at just €4.2 million. He is just a fun player, so if developing South American wonderkids is your thing, then look no further than Barco.

A cutout photo of Girona's Miguel Gutiérrez, one of the best left-backs in EA FC 24

Miguel Gutiérrez

Still just 21, it feels like Miguel Gutiérrez has been around for so long now, and FC24 still projects the former Real Madrid left-back to reach the very top. Starting at a 74 overall, Gutierrez has a really nice blend of stats, covering the key areas for an attacking full-back — pace, stamina, dribbling, crossing, tackling and passing.

Valued at €9 million, he comes in at a slightly higher price point than some of the others in this list, but he definitely presents as a stronger ready-made option than any of the other options that aren’t named Milos Kerkez.

A cutout photo of Stade Rennais' Jeanuël Belocian, one of the best left-backs in EA FC 24

Jeanuël Belocian

Jeanuël Belocian is the more defensive-minded option in this list. If you are looking for player that can cover as a centre-back as well as a left-back, then he might be the right option for you. Balocian has good physical stats and tackling stats, but is definitely caught lacking in some more technical aspects.

Regardless, he is a good value option at €2.7 million if he fits the bill for you, presenting a bit of versatility as well as a really good option as a left centre-back in a three-man defence.




Andy Robertson, João Cancelo, Theo Hernández, Alejandro Grimaldo and Marcos Acuña are the highest-rated left-backs in EA FC 24 Career Mode.




Nuno Mendes and Rayan Aït-Nouri are high-level left-backs in the making. In terms of pure growth potential, the likes of Ian Maatsen and Carlos Augusto Rojas are hidden gems in the market.

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