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Football Manager 2024 Best Coaches

Lists of the best coaches in Football Manager 2024

Coaches make up the bulk of your Football Manager 2024 backroom staff. You need to build a team that is balanced and has the right tools to train your talent up to the best of his potential. This page focuses on some of the best.

For more FM24 tips, check out our talent lists and player profiles. Scroll down to see our lists.

Who are the best wonderkids in Football Manager 2024?

Here are the highest potential rated players in FC 24 Career Mode.

1. Erling Haaland – Manchester City – Age 22 – ST – 91 Overall/94 Potential

2. Vinicus Jr. – Real Madrid – Age 22 – LW – 89 Overall/94 Potential

3. Jamal Musiala – Bayern Munich – Age 20 – 86 Overall/93 Potential

4. Pedri – FC Barcelona – Age 20 – CM – 86 Overall/92 Potential

5. Khvicha Kvaratskhelia – SSC Napoli – Age 22 – LW/RW – 86 Overall/92 Potential

6. Florian Wirtz – Bayer Leverkusen – Age 20 – CAM/CM – 85 Overall/91 Potential

7. Jude Bellingham – Real Madrid – Age 20 – CAM/CM – 87 Overall/91 Potential

8. Rodrygo Goes – Real Madrid – Age 22 – RW/LW/ST – 85 Overall/91 Potential

9. Gavi – FC Barcelona – Age 18 – CM/LW – 83 Overall/90 Potential

10. Bukayo Saka – Arsenal – Age 21 – RW/RM – 86 Overall/90 Potential

11. Phil Foden – Manchester City – Age 23 – LW/RW – 85 Overall/90 Potential

12. Alex Balde – FC Barcelona – Age 19 – LB/RB – 81 Overall/89 Potential

13. Rasmus Hojlund – Manchester United – Age 20 – ST – 76 Overall/89 Potential

14. Gabri Veiga – Al-Ahli – Age 21 – CM/CAM – 78 Overall/89 Potential

15. Eduardo Camavinga – Real Madrid – Age 20 – CDM/CM/LB – 82 Overal 89 Potential

16. Enzo Fernandez – Chelsea FC- Age 22 – CM/CDM/CAM – 83 Overall/89 Potential

17. Xavi Simons – RB Leipzig – Age 20 – CAM/LW/RW – 80 Overall/89 Potential

18. William Saliba – Arsenal – Age 22 – CB – 83 Overall/89 Potential

19. Aurelien Tchouameni – Real Madrid – Age 23 – CDM/CM – 84 Overall/89 Potential

20. Sandro Tonali – Newcastle United – Age 23 – CDM/CM – 86 Overall/89 Potential

21. Matthijs de Ligt – Bayern Munich – Age 23 – CB – 86 Overall/89 Potential

22. Warren Zaire-Emery – Paris Saint-Germain – Age 17 – CM/CDM – 75 Overall/88 Potential

23. Antonio Silva – SL Benfica- Age 19 – CB – 78 Overall/88 Potential

24. Fabio Miretti – Juventus – Age 19 – CM/CAM – 75 Overall/88 Potential

25. Alejandro Garnacho – Manchester United – Age 19 – LW/LM – 75 Overall/88 Potential

26. Ansu Fati – Age 20 – Brighton – LW/ST – 78 Overall/88 Potential

Best goalkeeper coaches in Football Manager 2024

Goalkeeper training consists of two parts: shot-stopping and handling. Correlated with this, goalkeeper coaches will have GK shot stopping and GK handling (and also distribution) attributes.

Distribution will fall under the banner of handling, so bear that in mind when you are selecting a coach to take control of handling training.

Flávio Tênius

After a long stint at Botafogo, Flávio Tênius is now at Fluminense, but still very gettable. With a 0.5 star reputation, great, rounded stats to work either goalkeeper coaching role, and an affordable wage that should be within the price range of plenty of smaller clubs, he is a great starting point to boost your GK coaching ranks if you can afford the €140,000 buyout.

Adriano Bonaiuti

An almost 10-year goalkeeping coach of Italian giants Inter Milan, Adriano Bonaiuti is the crème de la crème of goalkeeping coaches in FM24. To get him though, you’re going to have to pay up, with a hefty wage and imposing compensation fee that Inter will demand in order to release him from his contract.

Best defensive coaches in Football Manager 2024

Having a five star rating for defensive training might be close to impossible, but that does not mean it should be neglected.

Be sure to have one coach with a strong technical and one with a strong tactical attribute to cover your bases best. Defensive coaches do tend to be the hardest to come across, but here are a select few to keep in mind.

Giuseppe Baresi

Giuseppe Baresi has been part of the furniture at Inter for almost 40 years as a player, head of youth development, assistant manager, coach, and now as a scout. But, for the right price (albeit a steep one) he can be convinced to join your club as a coach. With high level tactical and defending attributes, he profiles as one of the best tactical defensive coaches in the game.

Miguel Quaresma

Miguel Quaresma is a disciple of the legendary Jorge Jesus, following him around Portugal with Braga, Benfica and Sporting, before moving with him to Saudi Arabia to join Al-Hilal.

While he is nominally a head of youth development, he can be signed as a coach. And he brings to the table a balanced set of the key fundamental attributes for a technical defensive coach.

Best possession coaches in Football Manager 2024

For the best possession coaches, consider their mental attribute to be a synonym for possession.

Look for one coach with strong mental and technical attributes, and another with strong mental and tactical ones to ensure the highest quality of training in each category: tactical and technical possession training.

Michele Salzarulo

Nominally a performance analyst in game, Michele Salzarulo can switch over from his role as head performance analyst at Roma to do a coaching role for your team for the right price.

As a tactical possession coach, he brings a nice set of attributes at a fairly affordable wage, though you will need to stump up a €120,000 compensation fee.

Helena Costa

While Helena Costa has spent much of her career as a scout at Celtic, Eintracht Frankfurt and now Watford, she has also tried her hand as a coach — even being appoint the manager of Clermont Foot in Ligue 2 in 2014, before intra-club problems led to her exit before coaching a game.

In FM24, Costa has a great skillset for a technical possession coach — a skillset that is very difficult to find in the game.

Best attacking coaches in Football Manager 2024

You are not going to be building the best Football Manager squad without scoring bucket loads of goals. Obviously, player recruitment is key here, as well as your tactical set-up, but having good coaches in this area will give you marginal gains, and help you improve youngsters in your squad as well.

Like defending and possession training, you will need to look for a coach with a good tactical attribute and one with a strong technical attribute to go alongside high-level attacking.

Lars Knudsen

Most recently with Leicester City and the USMNT, Lars Knudsen is a free agent that fills the attacking tactical niche of your training set-up in FM24 — another skillset that is surprisingly hard to come across in the game. He’s cheap and low reputation so should be attainable for most saves. Go get him.

Dennis Bergkamp

He’s a man that needs no introduction. Former Ajax, Inter and Arsenal legend Dennis Bergkamp is unemployed after spells coaching at Ajax and Almere City. Bergkamp is readily available, and attainable even for second division clubs, with a fairly reasonable wage.

He is undoubtedly one of the best technical attacking coaches in the game: no surprise when considering his technical ability as a player!

Best fitness coaches in Football Manager 2024

High-level fitness coaches are probably the easiest to find. Again, training is split into two parts, but this time it is quickness and strength training. However, the same attributes cover both categories, meaning that coaches are interchangeable between the two.

More than any other coach, keep in mind the determination, level of discipline and determination attributes on your fitness coaches to help get your players through some gruelling sessions.

Steve Tashjian

Steve Tashjian has spent much of his career as a fitness coach in America with Columbus Crew and the USMNT, sandwiching a five year spell with Everton. He is a great cheap, low rep entry point to get a fitness coach in with no compensation fee needing to be paid to secure his services.

Mário Monteiro

After leaving Benfica after Jorge Jesus’ departure, Mário Monteiro is a free agent with plenty of experience and some of the best attributes for a fitness coach in the game. If you can get him in: do it. His 3.5 star reputation presents itself as a barrier, but he is a no-brainer if he is willing to join your club.

Best set-piece coaches in Football Manager 2024

Set-piece coaches are a brand-new addition for Football Manager 2024. They will deal with every set-piece decision you need to make, if you want, and reflect their growing prominence in the real-life game.

Gianni Vio

Gianni Vio has been around the block a few times. The 70-year-old has enjoyed spells at Tottenham, Italy, SPAL, Leeds, Cagliari, Brentford, Milan and Fiorentina in just the last 10 years. It’s his turn to help your team out, as one of the best cheap set piece coaches available in FM24.

Bernardo Cueva

A little more on the expensive side, Bernardo Cueva is the set-piece coach to go for if budget is not an obstacle for you. The major obstacle to signing him is the €600,000 compensation fee you’ll have to pay Brentford to secure his services.

How important are coaches in Football Manager 2024?

Finding and signing the best coaches in Football Manager 2024 is a key element of building a successful club as you embark on your save.

In this guide, given we expect the vast majority of you to start saves with teams below the elite level, we have compiled a list of coaches we don’t just believe are good, but also mostly easily attainable. So there will be no Pepijn Linders or Rodolfo Borrell in this list.

Hiring the best staff in FM should be as important to your club as finding the best wonderkids, assistant manager, director of football, head of youth development, and scouts, so be sure to pay attention to your staff.

You can read more about coaching assignments on our FM24 guide page, including managing their workload, ensuring that you have the highest star coaches in each category, as well as lots of other man-management information.

While we will focus on the core attributes for each role on this page, also bear in mind that other mental attributes such as motivation, adaptability, personality, determination and level of discipline will also have an impact in how your coaches perform.

How do you find the best coaches in Football Manager 2024?

The quickest way to do so is by utilising the staff search tool, which you can find on the left-hand side of the screen. By using that tool, you can specify your search by multiple different variables to suit your needs. Add them to your shortslists too.

Another good tip to find the best coaches in FM24 is by cycling through club and national teams’ backroom staff. The best coaches will often be with the best teams.

How do you change coaches' responsibilities in Football Manager 2024?

You can change staff responsibilities in the staff section, under the responsibilities tab. responsibilities can be delegated to other stuff too, not just your coaches.

You can pick and choose which responsibilities you want your assistant(s) to take over. Want to micro-manage? Don’t delegate anything. Prefer to focus on playing game? Then delegate team talks, press conferences and training to your assistant.

Gianni Vio is one of the best coaches in Football Manager 2024.

Make the most of the staff search tool, where you can specify your searches to suits your specific needs. Another tip is cycle through the best clubs and national teams to find some of the best coaches around.

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