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Some of our favourite affordable players to sign in FIFA 23 Career Mode

We cover youth football. We’ve banged our heads together to compile an infortmative list of some of the best bargain players for you to sign in your EA FC 24 Career Mode saves. You’ve probably not heard about most of them, and that’s the way we like it.

From Lucas Bergvall to Luke Harris, we’ve tried to include a diverse mix of talents and profiles. These aren’t necessarily the players with the best bargains, just the ones we think you need to know about. They shouldn’t cost more than €1 million in your saves.

Scroll down to see who we think you should have on your shortlists. We’ll be adding more and more in due course.

Who are the best bargains in FIFA 23 Career mode?

Dennis Seiman

The only goalkeeper that qualifies for this list, there’s not a huge amount to say about Dennis Seimen, other than to get him in and get him out on loan. He has 23 overall points to grow and will either be a solid first team goalkeeper or a profit-making asset as you embark on your FC24 career mode save.

Lucas Bergvall

Lucas Bergvall joined Djurgarden from Sweden’s famed IF Brommapojkarna academy earlier in 2023, and his capacity to develop is reflected in FC24 with the potential to grow from a 61 overall into an 84. His key attribute is his dribbling, but he also has OK passing and physical stats that could make him a useful player if you start lower down the league structure.

Laurin Ulrich

Another Stuttgart player, midfielder Laurin Ulrich looks like a tidy little player with good speed and dribbling and decent passing for a 61 overall player. Again, he has 23 overall point to add as you develop him into a solid all round midfielder capable of playing at a Champions League level. Valued at just €1 million, you can’t really argue with that.

Luke Harris

Another technical midfielder to consider is Fulham’s Luke Harris. The main drawback here is his 49 sprint speed, although it is an attribute that you can get him to try work on through your development plans. His finishing and dribbling ability is at least solid, if that’s the kind of attacking midfielder you are looking for.

Daniel Gore

Manchester United’s Daniel Gore looks to have a nice range of attributes to be useful at the start of your save. He is quick, with good agility and balance and decent dribbling qualities. You can’t expect too much with a 64 rated player, but he at least covers the physical basics that are so important in FC24.

Norman Bassette

The only striker on the list is Mechelen’s Norman Bassette. The 6’1” Belgian has decent pace and finishing, but lacks greatly in terms of dribbling and ball control. He is a proper poacher that you might want to send out on loan to round out his game before reaching an eventual 84 rating — but the promise is there.

Madi Monamay

The only centre-back that meets our threshold is Bayer Leverkusen’s Madi Monamay. The Belgian looks to be set with pretty solid defensive and physical fundamentals to be at least useful in the lower leagues, while his technical attributes look OK too for a centre-back. The 17-year-old is valued at just €725k and can eventually grow from 60 into an 83 overall player.

Lennon Miller

The lowest current ability player on this list is Lennon Miller, and he also happens to have the highest potential ability, with the capability of growing from a 59 overall into a massive 85 rated player. Still just 16, Miller is decently quick, has OK passing attributes, but has a lot to add to his game as a dribbler and finisher. Thankfully he has a whopping 26 overall points to add.

Some of the best bargain players in EA FC 23 Career Mode include Lucas Bergvall, Luke Harris, Madi Monamay, Norman Bassette and Lennon Miller.

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