Nestory Irankunda

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Stephen Ganavas

February 7, 2024

Who is Nestory Irankunda?

Australian football has been waiting for its next great hope for a while now. Daniel Arzani came and went, Garang Kuol popped up and is still on his development path, and in the meantime, Nestory Irankunda has exploded onto the scene with Adelaide United.

The youngster’s goal catalogue has to be scene to be believed. He spent 2022/23 as an impact sub at Adelaide United, scoring critical goals off the bench that were often game state altering, and has moved onto the 2023/24 season as a starter that is starting to provide consistent impact at A-League level.

Not only that, Irankunda also just locked in a move away from Adelaide United, signing a deal committing him to Bayern Munich at the end of the 2023/24 season. It’s been a while since we’ve seen an Australian player reaching such lofty heights.

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Nestory Irankunda's style of play

While he has been starting games this season, Irankunda is still largely a short-burst impact player. Put bluntly, he does not have a senior level engine to be a consistent presence in games for a long period of time — even at A-League level. There will be a steep learning curve in this department when he arrives in Germany.

What he does possess though, is electrifying speed. He’s not just fast by A-League standards either. He is a generationally quick player, with a level of explosiveness that has the potential to be game-breaking at an elite level.

It’s not the be-all-end-all of any skillset, but it is such a massive asset to work with if he can continue to develop other areas of his physical profile.

His other uber-elite quality is his ball-striking. I touched on it earlier, but Irankunda’s goal catalogue is genuinely out of this world already. His backlift is short, the power he generates is enormous, the trajectory is flat, and he can get it to dip when he needs to as well.

What is very interesting about Irankunda though is his ability to score as a right-footed right winger. As we all know by now, most players prefer to cut inside onto their preferred foot to score. However, with the power he can generate, Irankunda has been able to score goals both with near post and cross-’keeper finishes with runs through the channel on the right.

There is so much Irankunda still needs to build on to become a well-rounded European level player, but the basic fundamentals are so good, one can’t help but be excited with the potential for him to blossom into a star at Bayern.

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Nestory Irankunda is an elite ball-striker and one of the fastest players on the planet.

Nestory Irankunda is still lacking the stamina to be consistently impactful over 90 minutes — something that will hopefully be built on when he arrives at Bayern Munich.

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