Federico Redondo

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Phil Costa

February 17, 2024

Who is Federico Redondo?

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree but in Federico Redondo’s case, this phrase couldn’t be more accurate.

Originally born in Madrid despite his father – Fernando Redondo – playing for AC Milan at the time, he would eventually return back to Argentina as an 11-year-old and developed through the academy at Argentinos Juniors.

Making his name as an elegant, defensive midfielder with great technique and awareness, Federico was quickly rewarded with senior football under former Barcelona defender Gabriel Milito and became a mainstay for El Bicho despite his inexperience at that level.

The consistency and maturity of his performances began to draw more attention – with one compilation against Fluminense going viral across social media – although it was Inter Miami who were able to secure his signature in February 2024 for a reported €8 million fee.

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Federico Redondo's style of play

Much like his father, Redondo was quick to learn that the ball can and will always move faster than you. He is not blessed with elite speed and looks quite awkward with his straight, long-legged gait, but the midfielder uses quickness of thought to impact matches.

Playing both as the deepest midfielder or within a pivot, he is a constant source of availability for teammates, often finding pockets of space for quick one-twos or being aware enough to hold his position within chaos to provide solutions for those under pressure.

Redondo scans constantly to create pictures in his head, which allows him to receive the ball in compromising situations and retain it, using quick footwork to escape pressure and either carry through the thirds or break lines with whipped, disguised passes.

Concerns about his speed over shorter distances are valid, but his strong reading of the game often mitigates that weakness. He boasts a powerful frame to stroll into duels and win the ball, and chooses his moments to spring on people; capitalising on bad touches, under-hit passes and those unaware of their surroundings.

Naturally, the 21-year-old had a great reference point in his father, but being able to learn from Sergio Busquets – who is arguably the reference point for midfielders in this style and structure – will be the best education possible.

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Redondo is an elegant defensive midfielder with strong passing range, press resistance and sharp defensive awareness to help force turnovers for his side.

There aren’t any obvious weaknesses in his game. What will be the making of Redondo is how he can translate his qualities to a higher level, as he remains untested.

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