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EA FC 24 Best Centre-Backs

Profiles on some of the best centre-backs you can sign on EA FC 24 Career Mode

We cover youth football. For all you FIFA players, we’ve picked out a few of our favourite young centre-backs that would be suitable signings on your EA FC 24 Career Mode saves. From Giorgio Scalvini to Ousmane Diomandé, these are some of the best young centre-backs in the game.

If you are looking for older players, we have you sorted too, with a collection of the ten highest overall centre-backs at the start of your save. Also, have a look through the rest of our website for more young players to sign.



How do I develop centre-backs in EA FC 24 Career mode?

There are a few key methods to develop centre-backs in EA FC 24. Firstly, they need to play senior minutes and get good match ratings in matches. Obviously, this needs to be balanced with your need to win games but getting them on the field as much as possible is vital.

If you can’t give them minutes, then consider sending them on loan. However, when loaning players, ensure that you are sending them to a club where they will play senior minutes, or you risk further stunting their growth.

Next, focus on doing well in training drills and earning good ratings. Generally, you should be able to play through each drill a few times, do them well, and then you should be able to subsequently simulate the sessions and earn a similar grade. However, if your grades start to fall, you should take control of your drills again to boost your ratings back up.

Lastly, and very importantly, is your player development plan. Development plans determine what kind of skillset you want your player to develop for their role in your team.

A screenshot of EA FC 24 career mode centre-back development pathway, featuring Juventus' Koni De Winter

For centre-backs, there are five development paths to choose from:

Balanced – The all-round option that will see your centre-backs develop all their attributes with no real particular focus.

Stopper – Developing your centre-back into a stopper will mould them into an aggressive defender that looks to stop attacks before they can even get started. This development plan aims to improve their sprint speed, acceleration, defensive work rate, ball control, defensive awareness, standing tackling, jumping, stamina, strength, and aggression.

Sweeper – The good old-fashioned sweeper is the centre-back tasked with mopping up everything in behind, and so the development role focusses on all the relevant speed and defensive metrics required: defensive work rate, sprint speed, agility, reactions, slide tackling, defensive awareness, heading accuracy, interceptions, jumping, and stamina.

Ball Playing Defender – Ball playing defenders are the unicorns of modern football – good defensive players that can also kickstart attacks with their ability to play out from the back. In EA FC 24 career mode, the development plan for ball playing defenders will help them improve their weak foot, vision, long passing, short passing, balance, ball control, interceptions, defensive awareness, standing tackle, and stamina.

Defensive Centre Back – The defensive centre-back development plan is quite similar to the sweeper, except minor changes to reflect a tendency to step into the defensive line rather than hold it. So a trade is made for defensive awareness, agility, interceptions and jumping, and instead there is a focus on acceleration, standing tackling, strength, and short passing.

Who are the best centre-backs in EA FC 24 Career mode?

Rúben Dias26Manchester City8990
Virgil van Dijk32Liverpool8989
Marquinhos29Paris Saint-Germain8788
Ronald Araujo24FC Barcelona8691
Matthijs de Ligt24Bayern Munich8689
Eder Militao25Real Madrid8689
Alessandro Bastoni24Inter Milan8590
Jules Kounde24FC Barcelona8589
Antonio Rüdiger27Real Madrid8585
David Alaba31Real Madrid8585
A cutout photo of Ajax's Jorrel Hato, one of the best centre-backs in EA FC 24

Jorrel Hato

If you need a centre-back to be the centre-piece of your career mode defence for an entire save, then look no further than Jorrel Hato. With a market value of just €2.8 million, and the potential to develop from a 68 overall into an 87, signing him is a no-brainer.

But he isn’t just an option to send on loan, his solid defensive fundamentals and good speed attributes mean he could be an option to play from the start. 85 jumping to go with his six foot frame makes him a great penalty box presence too.

A cutout photo of Atalanta's Giorgio Scalvini, one of the best centre-backs in EA FC 24

Giorgio Scalvini

The latest star off the production line of Italian centre-backs is Atalanta’s Giorgio Scalvini. Perhaps differently from some of his compatriots though, Scalvini is a very technical player as well as being a very solid defender that can grow from a 75 to an 86 overall player.

In FC24, he ticks all the boxes. He’s 6’4”, a great all-round defender and solid passer. Play him either as the right centre-back in a back four, or the central centre-back in a back three, where you aren’t overly reliant on him to use his pace as a covering defender.

A cutout photo of Club Brugge's Jorne Spileers, one of the best centre-backs in EA FC 24

Jorne Spileers

Jorne Spileers is cheap, decently quick, 6’2” and a decent defender. For an 18-year-old centre-back valued at €3.3 million, you can’t ask for too much more. Starting as a 69 overall, with the potential to develop into an 85, the Club Brugge defender is a very solid value option that’s just a rung underneath Jorrel Hato.

Nonetheless, if Hato isn’t an option, then Spileers is certainly a more than serviceable one. He is quite balanced with OK speed, good physical qualities, and decent tackling.

A cutout photo of Sporting CP's Ousmane Diomandé, one of the best centre-backs in EA FC 24

Ousmane Diomandé

Ousmane Diomandé is another Scouted Football favourite that looks like a must-sign player in FC24. He is a little bit on the expensive side of this list, valued at €11.5 million, but he is a scary proposition if you can sign him. 86 strength, 81 jumping and a massive 6’3” frame are his key strengths.

His technical attributes are great too, with 71 dribbling and 72 ball control for a 75 overall defender that can grow to an 85. His more generic defensive stats such as sliding and standing tackle are also more than strong enough, with room to grow massively as he becomes one of the best centre-backs in FC24.

A cutout photo of Rangers' Leon King, one of the best centre-backs in EA FC 24

Leon King

Rangers’ Leon King is another option to consider if you are starting lower down the leagues in FC24. The 19-year-old is a very balanced profile with no real outstanding attributes, but nothing overly concerning either.

If you are after a jack-of-all-trades to move up the divisions with as he grows to an 85 overall, do consider King. Basically all of his meaningful stats hover somewhere between 60 and 75 — meaning he could become a proper monster if developed properly.

A cutout photo of Red Bull Salzburg's Leandro Morgalla, one of the best centre-backs in EA FC 24

Leandro Morgalla

If you are looking for a young centre-back that is cheap and has massive room to grow, and you think that speed is a critical attribute, then go after RB Salzburg’s Leandro Morgalla. 75 acceleration and 71 sprint speed pairs up nicely with 75 jumping and his 6’1” frame.

The German is valued at just €2 million, making him the cheapest player on this list. Fully maxed out, he can reach a potential overall of 84. It’s a touch less than King, but he might be the type of profile you are looking for.

Rúben Dias, Virgil van Dijk, Marquinhos, Matthijs de Ligt, Ronald Araújo and Éder Militão are the highest-reated centre-backs in EA FC 24 Career Mode.

Ajax’s Jorrel Hato has one of the highest growth potentials of any young centre-back in EA FC 24 Career Mode.

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