Matías Soulé

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Stephen Ganavas

December 18, 2023

Who is Matías Soulé?

Argentinian by birth, but also Italian by citizenship, Matias Soule has leveraged his dual-nationality into accelerating his progress through the pathway of elite European club football. It has worked out tremendously well for him.

After moving from Velez Sarsfield to join Juventus as a 16-year-old in 2020, Soule has progressed through the club’s academy exactly as intended, with a strong linear progression through the Primavera Under-19 team, up through Juventus Next Gen in Serie C, and into the first team.

However, limited opportunities at senior level led to him exploring opportunities on loan in 2023/24, and once again, the move has paid massive dividends.

Soule has been one of the best players in Serie A in the first half of 2023/24, leading an incredibly young Frosinone team to a solid mid-table position.

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Matías Soulé's style of play

Soule would be best described as a wide creator. But he is also so much more than that. He is an intelligent connecting player, that can also be a huge penalty box difference-maker with his very dangerous left foot, and smart movement in transition.

He certainly isn’t a stereotypical winger. He is not overly fast, he doesn’t have major running player, and he doesn’t like to sit wide on the touchline, looking to stretch defences in that way. Instead, he lives in the right half-space, either looking to get on the ball and feed others in transition, or get on the end of attacks emerging from the left side that he can finish when arriving centrally from the right.

His game is underpinned by his movement, awareness, technical quality, and passing ability. He loves to drop deep and get touches, recycle possession and continue moving. He as effective in instigating the early phase of a transition as he is getting on the end of it.

It is a fantastic, broad, and extremely mature profile for a 20-year-old. It’s not predicated on raw athleticism, or a particular stand-out attribute, but rather an ability to execute all the fundamentals efficiently, and also his ability to turn those actions into dangerous attacks.

A future at Juventus, or another strong top-five league clubs seems almost inevitable. His game is not just reliant on a fast, counter-attacking style. In fact, it is probably even more suited to a surgical, controlled manner that relies even less on his athleticism.

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Matias Soule is a destructive final third player. Although his attacking quality shines through his game intelligence, technical quality, creativity and smart movement, as opposed to more traditional winger strengths.

Soule lacks the orthodox athletic profile one would expect from a winger. It really defines his skillset, forcing him to play more inverted, rather than stretching defenders out wide and in behind.

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