Write for us

We're finally looking for new writers to join the team and produce long-form youth football pieces for our website.

Scouted is still powered by the same ethos it was founded upon in 2014: interested in young players, but fascinated by young writers. Now our platform is established, we want to extend its benefits to more of the up-and-coming writers who can make best use of it.

So if you're as inexperienced, unknown and untested as we were when we launched five years ago, but as equally driven to tell great stories about youth football, we want to hear from you.


Scouted is always growing, and by getting on board you'll be part of the journey. Please note that we can't offer payment at this point, but we will offer other perks as and when we are able.

If this sounds like it fits you, drop a line to tom@scoutedftbl.com today, including examples of previous work (published or otherwise) and a very short pitch for your first feature with us. We don't want Handbook-style profiles, but otherwise the world of U-23 football is your oyster.


We can't wait to work with you!