Meet the team

Stephen Ganavas

A football journalist based in Melbourne, Australia, Stephen is Scouted's Editor-in-Chief. If you like the Handbooks, here's where to direct your thanks. Find his work in the Guardian Australia.

Tom W. Curren

SF's founder in 2014, Tom acts as editorial on the Handbooks and website. Find his writing in the Handbook's opening pages. Ire for typos should be directed his way.

Llew Davies

One of the very first members of the SF team. Our resident Welshman, most of what you see on our social media pages goes through Llew. A regular and standout contributor to the Handbooks. Disclaimer: pictured opposite is Dimitar Berbatov, though Llew is equally handsome. 

Phil Costa

Living and working out of Berlin, Phil is an experienced football writer and social media editor, and has been a core part of the SF team for years. His writing in the Handbooks is a regular highlight.

Jake Entwistle

London based, Jake's considerable knowledge and eye for talent is indispensable to the team. His talents are evident across the Handbooks and social platforms.

Joe Donnohue

Joe is host of the Scouted Football Podcast, as well as a regular contributor to the Handbooks. Based in Leeds but hailing from Newcastle, Joe's knowledge of the international youth football landscape knows no bounds.

Justin Sousa

Scouted's link to the U.S.A, Justin's expertise stretches well beyond just MLS. An up-and-coming writer and journalist, Justin is a regular guest on the Podcast and a constant in the Handbooks.


A massive thanks to everyone involved in SF's journey, past and present:

Federico Manasse

Karl Thyer

David Cartlidge

Jack Grimse

Conor Garratt

William Savage

David Sansun

Lee Scott

Matthew Santangelo

David Shelley

Mohamed Mohamed

Roberto Grosso

Simon Weiss

Jamie Kemp

Stewart Brown

Phil Webster

Matthew Shipley