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Scouted Football x Patreon

It's been an amazing couple of years bringing you the printed editions of the Scouted Football Handbooks – and now it's time to branch out some more.

We don't like ads, but we do like bringing you guys great content and try our hardest to pay our contributors as much as we can to deliver it you. While we will still have pieces going up on the regular site, our best, most detailed longform analysis going onto Patreon channel; a minimum of four feature-length pieces, dropping every Wednesday, and an exclusive podcast per month.

I am keen to stress, though, that this is additional content on top of what we would have already been posting to our website, scoutedftbl.com.

Subscriptions to Patreon will start at £3 per month, with access to all of our features and podcasts behind the paywall. Moreover, Patrons will be able to log into an exclusive Discord channel to discuss directly with fellow Patrons and members of the Scouted Football team. At the higher price point of £5 a month, Patrons will receive unlimited access to our archive of Digital Handbooks and exclusive sneak peeks into upcoming publications on top of the aforementioned base-level benefits. Please note: prices may vary depending on local currency if you're based outside of the UK.

To subscribe to our Patreon, click here. We launch today with a piece from Peter Munnelly on William Saliba at Arsenal as well an Patreon-exclusive podcast previewing the forthcoming Premier League season and assessing the young players at each club.

Your support is our success. Whether you buy a Handbook, become a Patron, or simply share our tweets and articles: thank you.

Stephen Ganavas, Editor of Scouted Football