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It's a testing time for everyone. We hope everyone is looking after themselves and their personal health at this time.

We don't know when the football will return – the early April return dates suggested so far seem desperately unlikely – but we've got a lot planned in the meantime.

We've not been posting much on the site in recent months, but that is set to change, and already has. Every Thursday, we will be posting a profile from our past Handbooks. Moreover, we will be starting a mailbag feature each week, asking you guys to submit questions for the team to answer. Please get involved, we love interacting with you all. To submit a question, click here.

Furthermore, we will be posting a range of other miscellaneous pieces that are worth keeping an eye on; such as Joe Donnohue's piece on the Japanese youth revolution in Europe and Tom Curren's tale of Jarrod Bowen's rise from Hereford to Hammer.

Again, we would like to thank you all for your support, whether you've been following Scouted Football for six years or six days; every like, retweet and page view means the world to us. Of course, an even bigger thank you to all of you that have bought the Handbook, which is helping us devote more time, energy and resources into delivering more and better quality content to you all.

We understand that many people will be going through financial hardship at this time, but if you can afford a tenner and need something to keep you occupied through two weeks of isolation, buying a Handbook would help us immensely.

Stay safe everyone,

Stephen Ganavas, Editor of Scouted Football.