Stefanos Tzimas

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Stephen Ganavas

December 13, 2023

Who is Stefanos Tzimas?

When a 17-year-old scores for a first division club anywhere, it’s worth sitting up and taking notice. Clearly, in the case of Stefanos Tzimas, it was not an unwarranted selection either.

The PAOK striker looks like the real deal, and underlined that point at the 2023 Under-19 Euros, with some brilliant performances against players two years his senior in a dire Greece team.

His best performance in that team came in Greece’s opener, in which Tzimas came off the bench at half-time with his side down 5-0 to Norway, before almost inspiring a miracle comeback with two goals as Greece eventually lost 5-4.

There are now some major links emerging to some big clubs in Europe, such as AC Milan — a great endorsement of his burgeoning talent.

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Stefanos Tzimas' style of play

A tall, athletic striker, than can hold up play, attack in behind, combine deep, and is comfortable on both feet… It sounds like a bit of a unicorn skillset, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s the foundation that Tzimas is working with. Obviously, there’s still a massive scope for him to develop and fully flesh out these foundations at the top level, but he is not left wanting for much.

His ability to carry his team as an athletic attacking outlet was very evident at the Under-19 Euros, where he was essentially left on an island to fend for himself against multiple defenders. A lot of the time, he was simply swamped, but he showed the makings of being able to play a really effective role in these scenarios if his team can get any attacking numbers around him in transition.

His hold up is not limited to just bringing the ball down and laying it off either. He can take the ball and then work his way through and out of pressure too, with really sharp technique and good body work. He shows great promise as a ball carrier when he can get his head up and charge towards goal too.

Outside of this, he is a very quick straight line runner, and he uses this smartly. He likes to drop off the line to receive and lay the ball of, and then turns and darts in behind to the space he has vacated to give himself a chance to build speed as he breaks the line.

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Stefanos Tzimas has the makings of a future star number nine. He has a well-rounded physical profile that is underpinned by his ability to play on both sides of his body and very sound technical fundamentals.

Tzimas’ main weakness is that he can be a bit erratic in possession. He has great ability, but he can sometimes lose concentration in what he needs to do at any given moment thinking too far ahead towards a final attacking action. This causes him to lose possession clumsily at times.

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