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An update on the Scouted Football Handbook

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FEBRUARY 4, 2022

Let’s start with the bad news: the Scouted Football Handbook will not continue into 2022.

This has been a painful decision. The Handbook has been a labour of passion since we first released it as a free e-book in 2016. We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve done and feel like we found our stride creatively in 2021.

We don’t want to bore with the details, but it’s suffice to say the double whammy of Brexit and the pandemic has made getting books to our large overseas audience incredibly expensive and unreliable. This impact on our returns has made it difficult to justify the immense undertaking that creating each Handbook is.

To be clear, this isn’t the end for Scouted Football. We’re going to continue publishing the cutting-edge analysis and opinion you’ve come to expect from us – we’re just going to do it online. There will also be more focus on the website, as well as our social channels.

This means a renewed focus on our Patreon page. If you’d still like to support us, Patreon is absolutely the best way. We are doing lots of UEFA Youth League coverage, weekly podcasts, and more exclusive analysis pieces you won’t find anywhere else.

We’d like to extend a personal thank you to every one of The Handbook’s readers; you’ve made this quite the adventure. The same goes to every analyst and artist we’ve had the pleasure of bringing to the page – your work has been immense over the years, and the Handbooks wouldn’t have been the same without your talents.

But for now, onto bigger and better things.

Thanks for everything,

Tom, Stephen, Llew, Joe, Phil & Jake

With diwndling stock numbers, we have decided to close the store. That means we’ve sold our last Scouted Football Handbook – for now. We’ll always endeavour to bring it back in some capacity in future.

But for now, you can find links to everything we’re doing here. Podcasts are coming, a coffee a month will get you access to a massive archive of Patreon analysis, and we’ll keep on tweeting.

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