Jaminton Leandro Campaz


Will Savage

April 13, 2021

Who is Jaminton Campaz?

Although only 20 years old, Jaminton Leandro Campaz has been a key figure in Deportes Tolima’s impressive 2020 league campaign. Although short in stature, Campaz provides a lot of excitement in a small package. 

Jaminton Campaz at Tolima

Jaminton Campaz's Style of Play



While he is not the tallest, he has a stocky build and an explosive change of pace that makes him a real livewire. Technically speaking, Campaz is impressive. His technique stands out at Primera A level, and coupled with his understanding of where to find space, this makes him a dangerous attacker. 

The young attacker operates as something in between a supporting forward and an advanced midfielder. Predominantly left footed, although not uncomfortable on his right, Campaz is capable of coming in off the right hand side or playing directly ahead of a midfield double pivot.

When Tolima are in possession, Campaz roams the pitch and looks for spaces to receive from deep. Rather than looking to remain wide in the hopes of isolating a defender, Campaz regularly shows up in the half spaces, often dropping as deep as the halfway line to show for a pass. When he receives the ball, it is all one touch or two touch; unless he has the option to drive into space, he releases the ball quickly. His passes carry a quick ball speed, and he regularly looks to release runners or set up a one-two for himself to run off.

This makes him a valuable asset for Tolima when they are in possession, he provides overloads across the pitch, and offers an outlet to change the tempo of an attack, often receiving a line-breaking ball from deep, which is laid off to a team-mate as a wall pass. At times this can be a risk, the dangers of a player dropping deep to play higher risk passes are surely obvious; thankfully for the youngster, he manages to successfully complete the vast majority of passes he attempts.

While Campaz has a good understanding of the pace of the game, sometimes it can feel like he tries a little too hard to force things. While he has a nice weight of pass, and is especially proficient at everyone’s favourite, the slide rule pass between the centre back and the full back. 

However, at times he tries a pass that is not on. This is not really too much of a problem, it’s inevitable to some extent with young players, and especially players who, by their nature, look to make things happen. It’s important that Campaz doesn’t lose that desire to drive his team forward, but hopefully over time he’ll better understand when to try and play in a teammate, or when to try something a little more patient.

His sure technique and quick feet make him more than comfortable receiving the ball in tight spaces. This only adds to his ability to progress the ball into the final third, and means he offers the ability to draw fouls from opponents on a regular basis. That being said, he sometimes suffers in one-on-one duels. 

Despite his stocky frame, at times that he can be brushed off the ball a little too easily when receiving under pressure. To an extent, this is to be expected with a young player who probably has not filled out his frame just yet, but if Campaz can find the strength or balance to ride challenges, it will make him that much more dangerous.

Despite his young age, Campaz is clearly a vocal presence on the pitch. When Tolima are in possession he’s happy to instruct his teammates as to when he wants the ball to feet; and he does the same when he feels like his pressing isn’t being sufficiently supported by the midfield.

He excels in transition; his pace and movement are unsurprisingly a dangerous asset for any counter-attack. His athleticism means he’s always able to make supporting runs, allowing Tolima to get bodies in the opponent’s area when they break, adding a clear goal threat. This shows when Tolima are out of possession. 

Although Campaz has no lack of work rate, he’s rarely found in his own defensive third, usually he’s left high up to press if the ball moves back and allow the defence time to move up, as well as offering a threat on the counter-attack. The same is true when Tolima are defending set pieces, Campaz is usually found in the wall or around the edge of the area, to ensure second balls are contested or to offer his pace for the counter-attack.

Campaz offers a dangerous delivery from wide areas, either from set pieces or when he drifts to the left hand side during open play, fizzing crosses towards the far post that just beg to be touched home. While he does hold the width on the right-hand side at times, this is not a regular occurrence, but more a situational decision from the young attacker. If Campaz does receive the ball on the right wing, his natural inclination is to cut inside onto his left, although he is comfortable on his right foot to go round the outside if required. His game understanding shows here too, at times he will hold onto the ball on the touchline, waiting to release a teammate making an underlapping run from deep.

No questions can be asked about Campaz’s defensive work rate, he practically exudes energy. He is a willing presser, but his output does not always seem effective. At times he seems like a footballer who is willing to close down his man but does not exactly know what to do when he gets there. When he presses high up, he can be so focused on getting to his man that he forgets to check if he’s still blocking the passing lane that he is meant to be blocking. 

The goal in Tolima’s recent 1-0 loss to Independiente Santa Fe came from an opposition player easily shifting the ball past an onrushing Campaz, before firing into the top corner from almost thirty metres. For a young attacker this clearly is not a fatal flaw and, to a large extent, these hiccups in his game are things that a good coach should be able to ameliorate with time on the training ground.

Jaminton Campaz's Forecast for the Future

While his prominence towards the top of Primera A this year is impressive, the most important thing for the young Colombian is regular game time. Predicting where Campaz might end up at this moment in time is a little too trick. 

The traditional route of moving to one of the continental heavyweights in Argentina or Brazil is always a possibility, as is the chance that a move directly to Europe takes place, or a move to North America, given how regularly MLS clubs have invested in South American youngsters in recent years. Regardless, the most important thing for Campaz is that he ensures he is in a position to play regularly over the next few years.

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Jaminton Campaz is an explosive athlete that loves to dribble and attack in transition.

Jaminton Campaz can at times be guilty of trying to force play when an easier option may be the right one. He also needs to work on developing his defensive technique.

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