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Football Manager 23 Best Assistant Managers

A list of some of the best assistant managers you can sign on your FM23 saves

Assistant managers are key members of your Football Manager 2023 backroom staff. It’s important that you find one with the requisite skills to help you in a number of different aspects, from team talks to player assessments. This page focuses on some of the best.

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How important are assistant managers in Football Manager 23?

Your assistant manager in Football Manager 23 is your right-hand man. You can give him as much, or as little responsibility as you want, making him either a crucial, or simply a fairly important member of your staff.

There are around 100 tasks that can be delegated in FM23, from team talks and press conferences, to handling team selection and training, to handling signings, sales and loans.

And, of course, you want them to be able to be useful on the training ground as well, meaning that your assistant manager will need to be useful as a goalkeeping, defending, attacking, possession, or fitness coach.

Lastly, good judging player ability and judging player potential attributes are essential for them to evaluate players within your club. (Yes, we are asking for a lot here).

How do you find the best assistant managers in Football Manager 23?

The quickest way to do so is by utilising the staff search tool, which you can find on the left-hand side of the screen. By using that tool, you can specify your search by multiple different variables to suit your needs. Add them to your shortslists too.

Another good tip to find the best assistant managers in FM23 is by cycling through club and national teams’ backroom staff. The best coaches will often be with the best teams.

How do you change assistant managers' responsibilities in Football Manager 23?

You can change staff responsibilities in the staff section, under the responsibilities tab. responsibilities can be delegated to other stuff too, not just your assistant manager.

You can pick and choose which responsibilities you want your assistant(s) to take over. Want to micro-manage? Don’t delegate anything. Prefer to focus on playing game? Then delegate team talks, press conferences and training to your assistant.

Richard Kitzbichler

Richard Kitzbichler is a current coach at Southampton, after a journeyman career first as a player, and then as a coach which saw him spend stints in Germany, Austria, Australia and China before finally landing at Southampton to work alongside Ralph Hasenhüttl.

Not only does he have good stats, but extensive scouting knowledge of England, Germany and Austria is an added bonus. However, it will cost you a solid upper-mid-level wage to bring him to your club, as well as a €475,000 compensation fee.

Helmut Jungheim

Former Bayer Leverkusen head of youth development Helmut Jungheim is unemployed at the start of your FM23 save, and he comes with an impressive array of stats for multiple staff roles, including as an assistant manager. His preferred tactical style is fluid counter-attack, reflecting the style preferred by Leverkusen, and he is a great tactical coach.

With a three star reputation and wages around €16,500 to sign as an assistant manager, he won’t be attainable for smaller clubs, but he is definitely worth seeking out for bigger clubs.

Hermann Gerland

After a long-term affiliation with Bayern Munich, Hermann Gerland left the Bundesliga champions in 2021 after the departure of Hansi Flick, joining him in linking up with the Germany set-up. To start, he has fantastic coaching attributes to take charge of a few different roles in training alongside his assistant managerial position.

As an experienced coach and head of youth development, Gerland can play many roles across your club, including as assistant manager, where his favourite style is fluid counter-attack. He is on the expensive side though, asking for over €20,000 per week in wages.

Rui Águas

A journeyman player and a journey manager, assistant manager and scout, Rui Águas might be one of the best cheap, low reputation assistant managers to fill a vacancy at your club. He isn’t going to be a big help with his coaching ability, but he fulfils the key people management and judging player metrics of an assistant manager well.

He also comes with a useful tactical style, tiki-taka, alongside good extensive scouting knowledge of important countries such as Brazil, Portugal, France, Argentina and Colombia. For a cheap wage and low compensation fee to his current club Zamalek, he’s a great option.

Michael Tarnat

He is more adept as a head of youth development or as a scout, but given the crossover of key skills, Michael Tarnat will also be effective as an entry-level assistant manager on a low-ish wage. 

His coaching stats aren’t super impressive, but he makes up for it with the key assistant managerial stats as well as a solid scouting knowledge range that includes Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England and Poland.

Edd Vahid

If you are a low-level club that can put the money together to get Edd Vahid into your team, you should target the former Southampton head of youth development. A solid trainer as well as people manager, he also has that much-loved gegenpress preferred tactical style.

€12,500 per week is on the pricier side for a lower level club, but his two star reputation means he is attainable and he would definitely be worth bringing into your team.

Hermann Gerland and Helmut Jungheim are amongst the best assistant managers in FM23.

Make the most of the staff search tool, where you can specify your searches to suits your specific needs. Another tip is cycle through the best clubs and national teams to find some of the best assistant managers (and coaches) around.

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