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FIFA 23 Best Strikers

Profiles on some of the best strikers you can sign on FIFA 23 Career Mode

We cover youth football. For all you FIFA players, we’ve picked out a few of our favourite young strikers that would be suitable signings on your FIFA 23 Career Mode saves. From Kylian Mbappé to Benjamin Šeško, these are some of the best young strikers in FIFA 23.

Of course, if you are looking for older players, we have you sorted too, with a collection of the ten highest overall strikers at the start of your save.

How do I develop strikers in FIFA 23 Career mode?

There are a few key methods to develop strikers in FIFA 23. Firstly, they need to play senior minutes and get good match ratings in matches. Obviously, this needs to be balanced with your need to win games, but getting them on the field as much as possible is vital.

If you can’t give them minutes, then consider sending them on loan. However, when loaning players, ensure that you are sending them to a club where they will play senior minutes or you risk further stunting their growth.

Next, focus on doing well in training drills and earning good ratings. Generally, you should be able to play through each drill a few times, do them well, and then you should be able to subsequently simulate the sessions and earn a similar grade. However, if your grades start to fall, you should take control of your drills again to boost your ratings back up.

Lastly, and very importantly, is your player development plan. Development plans determine what kind of skillset you want your player to develop for their role in your team.

FIFA 23 Career Striker Development Path

For strikers, there are five development paths to choose from:

Balanced – The all-round option that will see your striker develop all their attributes with no real particular focus.

Target Man – The Target Man development plan will see your striker focus on developing their jumping, strength, stamina, balance, reactions, ball control, heading accuracy, short passing and, of course, finishing.

Poacher – Poachers will aim to develop a lot of their shooting attributes; finishing, shot power, penalties, volleys, but also their sprint speed, attacking positioning, agility, reactions, and stamina.

Mobile Striker – A mobile striker, as the name suggests, will focus on sprint speed, acceleration, and stamina, but also attacking positioning, shot power, long shots, ball control and dribbler. It’s a natural fan favourite role.

Complete Striker – A complete striker will further develop their playmaking attributes, such as short passing, curve, and ball control, but also some key striking characteristics like finishing, attacking positioning, composure and shot power.

How do I develop centre-forwards in FIFA 23 Career mode?

If you play with a centre-forward in your system, then there are more options to choose from.

Balanced – Again, the all-round option that will see your centre-forward develop all their attributes with no real particular focus.

Bombardier (Deep Lying Forward) – The bombardier development plan looks to make your CF a devastating presence from the edge of the box, or as a late arriving penalty box attacker. And so, it boosts the development of sprint speed, acceleration, finishing, attacking positioning, shot power, long shots, reactions, heading accuracy, and stamina. The player will also develop their attacking work rate.

Penetrator – The penetrator role will help your CF develop as a linking player in tight spaces in the final third. It will boost their, sprint speed, finishing, long shots, short passing, balance, composure, ball control, dribbling and stamina. The player will also try to develop their skill move rating.

Playmaker Forward (Trequartista) – As a playmaker forward, your CF will focus a lot on his passing and dribbling. Vision, free kick accuracy, long passing, short passing, curve, ball control, attacking positioning, and stamina are all key focusses, as well as developing their weak foot.

Pressing Forward – A pressing forward will look to become a more effective defensive presence from the front. They will look to increase their defensive work rat, but also their standing tackle attribute, interceptions, stamina, agility, reactions, acceleration, plus attacking positioning, reactions, ball control and dribbling.

Who are the best strikers in FIFA 23 Career mode?

Karim Benzema34Real Madrid9191
Kylian Mbappé23Paris Saint-Germain9195
Robert Lewandowski34FC Barcelona9191
Cristiano Ronaldo37Manchester United9090
Harry Kane29Tottenham Hotspur8989
Erling Haaland22Manchester City8894
Christopher Nkunku24RB Leipzig8689
Lautaro Martínez25Inter Milan8690
Romelu Lukaku29Inter Milan8686
Ciro Immobile32Lazio8686

We’ve split this section into three strikers that can start for your teams straight away, and three strikers that are good options for the future:

Kylian Mbappé

PSG's Kylian Mbappé, one of the best strikers on FIFA Career Mode

He really needs no introduction. Kylian Mbappé is arguably the best player in the game, and he only gets better. Starting at 91 overall with the potential to reach 95, there’s a good chance you can max out both his acceleration and sprint speed attributes which both start at 97.

You can pair that beautifully with his precocious dribbling ability, 5 star skills, 4 star weak foot and unreal shooting to create the most broken player in the game… if you can afford him.

Erling Haaland

While he is a little bit clunkier than Kylian Mbappé, Erling Haaland is similarly powerful in the game. While he is a little slower to get into gear with 82 acceleration, his 94 sprint speed ensures that once he gets going he is impossible to stop. Throw in 93 strength and you have an unstoppable moving force.

But as we know, Haaland is an elite finisher as well – his 94 finishing and 94 shot power will help you a lot… and he can add a further six points to his overall!

Dušan Vlahović

Dušan Vlahović is probably the third best striker in the game, but it’s probably a distant third. Nonetheless, the Juventus striker has a nice rounded skillset – similar to Haaland’s, but just less effective from top to bottom.

Nonetheless, if you can’t afford Haaland, but Vlahović fits your budget, he’s a solid option and can still reach 91 overall.

Mohamed Ali-Cho

Real Sociedad's Momo Cho, one of the best strikers on FIFA 23 Career Mode

A summer move to Real Sociedad to fill the void left by Alexander Isak shows the reputation that 18-year-old Mohamed Ali-Cho developed during his time with Angers. He has a unique athleticism that is reflected in the game – he’s not too strong, but he is super mobile and has great dribbling quality for a striker.

With 15 overall points to add, a focus on his shooting and developing physically should make him a dominant striking force.

Henrique Araújo

A hat-trick in the final of last season’s UEFA Youth League was a great swansong to youth football for Benfica attacker Henrique Araújo, further underlining his pedigree to move into senior football in 2022/23.

He looks like an intriguing, if somewhat clunky striker in FIFA 23. He is quite balanced, lacking an outstanding attribute to properly set him apart in the early stages of your save. He might be one to think about parking on loan somewhere.

Benjamin Šeško

If you’re familiar with Football Manager, then Benjamin Šeško is no stranger to you. The Salzburg striker is a fan favourite on that game, and he has the potential to be in FIFA 23 as well.

He is a solid all round striker with decent pace and physical, to pair with a 6’4” frame that makes him a good aerial threat. With 13 overall points to add to take him to 85, adding a bit more pace and shooting should make Šeško one of the most dangerous young strikers in the game.

Kylian Mbappé, Robert Lewandowski, Cristian Ronaldo, Harry Kane and Erling Haaland are the highest-rated strikers in FIFA 23 Career Mode.

In terms of potential, Charles De Ketelaere, Brian Brobbey, Hugo Ekitiké and Arnaud Kalimuendo are some of the highest-rated young strikers in FIFA 23 Career Mode.

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