Eric da Silva Moreira

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Stephen Ganavas

December 13, 2023

Who is Eric da Silva Moreira?

We judged Eric da Silva Moreira as our Bronze Ball winner at the Under-17 World Cup for good reason: he was electric. 

The German right-back, currently at FC St. Pauli, is also eligible to represent Poland and Portugal, and he’s the cousin of Chelsea’s Diego Moreira.

Interestingly, at club level, Moreira tends to play on the wing — mostly on the right, but more recently taking up a place on the left… just like his cousin. 

However, he profiled so well at right-back during the World Cup that it seems like a position he could make his own at senior level.

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Eric da Silva Moreira's style of play

First and foremost, Moreira is incredibly athletic. He runs hard on both sides of the ball, providing a reliable outlet pushing up the wing, as well as assuredness for his side defensively through his ability to recover in transition.

This same athleticism lends itself well to defending in isolation too. He is good at staying ahead of the ball carrier he is marking, and his sometimes suspect defensive footwork is bailed out by his agility and ability to recover quickly with bursts of speed.

Also notable is Moreira’s ability to get into the right place at the right time, coming up with some clutch tackles and blocks in the penalty box at key moments.

Moreira’s technical proficiency is his outstanding attribute though. He can work his way through pressure on his flank as a dribbler/carrier, and he can kick-start attacks with his burst of speed into space down the right side, while his development as a winger reveals itself through his comfort in moving into the final third.

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Moreira is an outstanding athlete with great agility and an electric burst of pace. Paired with some excellent technical skills, generated through his development as a winger, he is an extremely dangerous attacking full-back.

Moreira’s key weakness is definitely his defensive footwork when marking dribblers. However, he has not played a lot of time as a right-back, so it should be something he can develop in the coming years.

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