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Destiny Udogie to Tottenham Hotspur?

A brief profile of the Italian wing-back linked with a move to COnte's spurs

Destiny Udogie, linked with a transfer to Tottenham Hotspur, playing for Udinese in Serie A
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AUGUST 8, 2022

Who is Destiny Udogie?

Destiny Udogie has been a highly rated Italian youth international for some time, and has used that reputation to plot out a great career path for himself so far. The Hellas Verona academy prospect saw his pathway to the first team blocked in 2019/20, and with an expiring contract, opted to sign a short-term extension until 2022 that left him with leverage to determine his own future as he moved into his late teens. This was despite interest from clubs such as Everton and Monaco, according to Gianluca Di Marzio.

And with just 164 Serie A minutes with Hellas in 2020/21, Udogie was ready to get up and out of Verona, eventually moving to nearby Udinese for €4 million.

And from then on he hit the ground running, playing 35 matches and 2,483 minutes in Serie A and emerging as one of the brightest talents in the league, chipping in with five goals and three assists as his attacking prowess shone through.




What is Destiny Udogie's style of play?

Udogie is an aggressive, attacking left-back whose game is underpinned by his willingness to get forward and overload the opposition in multiple different ways. He will overlap and attack you out wide in a more orthodox manner, but his real skill is his ability to drive inside with possession and force the play there. And from these positions he can feed inside or out, and then look to be an extra number in the box as the play develops.

The contrast of this is what he sometimes leaves in his wake. A crucial part of his game he needs to develop is becoming a better two-way runner; it’s easy to run forwards and get the ball on the wing, but it takes more willpower to get back in transition to cover the space you’ve left behind.

Perhaps this lends itself to a wing-back role in a 3-5-2, though don’t expect Antonio Conte to approve of this aspect of his play – it will be something that takes some moulding. In saying that, if there’s any coach that can do it, it’s Conte, who is pretty much the master of developing wide players in his system. Outside of that is the makings of at least a solid player that could make the next step with the right development.

Physically, at 19, he has a dominant profile for a wide player. He is every bit of 6’2” and properly filled out too, but not in a cumbersome way. He is rapid in a straight line and explodes from congestion with the ball as he looks to carry into space, and he is also quite agile laterally both with and without the ball, underpinning his ability to attack central areas with the ball and defend one-on-one without it. There is a lot to work with.

Destiny Udogie is a physically dominant wide player who comes into his own when venturing forward and attacking the final third either as an orthodox overlapping wing-back, or as an inverted ball-carrier that attacks the left-half space to create attacking overloads.

Destiny Udogie can be a bit of a one-way runner, not showing the same aggression to defend in transition as he does attacking the final third. This is concerning in moments when he does not have a covering player and it is his man that is able to get in behind him.

Which clubs have been linked with Destiny Udogie?

In Italy, Juve have been credited with interest, but at this stage, it seems almost certain that Destiny Udogie will join Tottenham Hotspur this summer. Fabrizio Romano reports that Spurs will sign Udogie this summer before sending him back to Udinese on loan for the coming Serie A season.

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