Amine Adli


Peter Munnelly

June 14, 2021

Who is Amine Adli?

At 21 years of age, Amine Adli’s eight goals and eight assists this season saw him pass his first full, senior campaign with flying colours, as he helped drive Toulouse’s push for promotion back to Ligue 1.

Amine Adli playing for Toulouse

AMine Adli's Style of Play



Under Patrice Garande, Adli has most commonly featured as a second striker in a 3-5-2, with a level of freedom matching his willingness to push from side to side between the lines, looking to receive to feet whenever possible. Yet, Adli isn’t a traditional number 10 – he possesses qualities much more in line with typical wide forwards.

The French attacker is a fantastic ball-carrier. He is incredibly agile and changes direction and speed with ease, which enables him to maximise tight spaces superbly. He knows exactly how to get his body over the ball, how to lower himself, and how to subtly adjust his body angles so that, at a moment’s notice, he can burst onto the inside or outside of his opponent.

The use of the point of his foot from the right side is what allows him to keep angles open mid-run, which, combined with his ability to immaculately adjust the path of the ball in the nick of time, can see him weave through narrow gaps perfectly.

Although a lack of physicality can impact his ability to protect the ball around the outside, this is less so the case from the left wing. The aforementioned points are all just as strong, here, but combine with the fact that he uses his weaker foot to better adjust the path of the ball to weave through inside gaps more precisely.

His short passing is exquisite, too. Not only does he weight so many of his flick-ons perfectly, but he also boasts a great desire to combine with teammates, even from his first touch. This is the case anywhere on the pitch as he always keeps a cool head.

His preferred use of the inside of his boot makes him more suited to the right side, but the increased use of the outside of his boot has seen them become more multidirectional. By doing so at every opportunity, he’s been able to help transition play horizontally, as well as initiate vertical incisions.

Adli is a fantastic ball-carrier. He is incredibly agile and changes direction and speed with ease, which enables him to maximise tight spaces superbly

His movement otherwise can suffer from overcompensation. Although his lane-shifting lane-shifting to receive between the lines and to create an extra option short from the wing can be very useful in creating inroads, they also congest play too frequently.

Since Adli doesn’t scan his blind-side (the space ahead the ball), he’s guilty of colliding with teammates’ passing lanes, and moving too close when there are obvious ways in which he could alleviate the ball-holder of such pressure.This can be most damaging in transitions, where he’ll hold completely static, ball-facing positions, hoping to receive to feet, when there are huge spaces ahead that need attacking.

Simply holding his positions farther away from the ball, he could help link play and support receivers better, since his neglect of far-sided positions can create disconnects.

It’s also this attitude to movement which sees him favour circulatory passes since they’re easier to pull off when moving backwards onto the ball. Because they can be so pre-determined, he then misses opportunities to turn with the ball, lay it off, or feed a runner.

Adli’s impressive 0.52 direct goal contributions per 90 minutes average helps paint of a picture of his knack for producing decisive moments of quality even when he’s not performing to the best of his abilities.

From a creative standpoint, his best moments stem from ball-carrying from deeper areas out wide, where he’s good at foreseeing spaces to attack without overrunning it. The best he provides from there are low crosses across the face of goal.

The buck, to some extent, stops there though, as his crosses from other areas don’t stack up as well, and he still needs to drastically tone down his weight of pass to be able to more accurately feed the runners he actually spots.

Off the ball, Adli too frequently neglects great opportunities to attack vacant channels due to prioritising short movements. His most threatening runs come over long-distance counterattacks, where his ability to eat up ground is staggering. And, some of his best box positions taken up have come as a necessity of his combinations that have moved the ball across the pitch.

On the finishing front, Adli always opts to shoot with the inside of his boot. He offers good consistency with the placement and power of these, and is especially composed with his lower-placed shots when in behind. He mostly needs to scale back his shot-taking immediately following dribbles into the centre, where he can become over-excited and will waste attacks with them.

Adli’s athleticism is best seen defensively, during pressing and counter-pressing phases. During the latter, he will always strive to chase the ball down almost irrespective of his position on the pitch.

Similar can be said of his general pressing, which is afforded some comfortable freedom given his forward positioning ahead of the defensive block. Because of this, he often looks for ways to leach onto wide passages to press backwards aggressively from high up, which helps to suffocate the space and force errors.

Despite showcasing the potential to assume good, low, and wide-bodied stances, as well as a sharp change of direction, Adli simply doesn’t apply these skills well enough to anticipate the actions of a receiver, and so is frequently evaded by simple touches and passes against the grain.

This lack of defensive IQ is evident in his pressing out onto the front, since Adli doesn’t check over his shoulder and doesn’t think about his run paths to be able to direct play. So, even once successfully chasing a ball backwards or across, he won’t think to cover his tracks by curving his run.

When it comes to making actual interventions, he is capable of making aggressive-yet-precise incisions from behind, but he can also be a little reckless in his attempts.

Forecasting Amine Adli's Future Prospects

Adli’s current traits make him a hugely desirable prospect already, given he can play and offer different qualities from both sides, but improving his forward awareness will be crucial to him developing his final ball and his ability to attack space off the ball. In equal measure, developments in defensive awareness will be key to him converting his remarkable intensity and athleticism into more intelligent defensive actions.

With AC Milan being the dominant link with regards to a summer move, he could find himself mixing it up in a 4-2-3-1 setup that could heavily suit his development, given how much more of a focus they have on close interplay under Stefano Pioli.

As alluded to earlier, a steadier position on either side would most certainly enable him to assume more responsibility of every pass he receives, and should help to elevate the extent of his impact in attack, which might best benefit his play from the right.

Amine Adli is a dynamic dribbler, who is able to play and offer different kinds of threats from either wing. He’s a great combiner with the ball and is unrelenting in his work off the ball.

Amine Adli still needs to develop his awareness of the pitch – offensively and defensively – to become more of a goal threat, better positionally, and a more intelligent defender.