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Scouted Football is an entirely independent platform bringing you detailed analysis, statistics and words on football's U-23 stars. Whether you're a football addict, a Football Manager player, index trader, FIFA nerd, or just love long-form writing on the future of the beautiful game, we believe we're the best way for you to discover the sport's next generation.

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Speaking of - the Handbook is our quarterly publication, available in print and digital via our online store. A new Volume is released in February, May, August and November, with each containing 25 profiles on 25 up-and-coming young stars from football's global landscape. Each book is compiled by our team of editorial staff and written by dedicated journalists, scouts and analysts with expertise in all of the planet's major - and many minor - leagues. From Russia to Brazil, we've got knowledge where it matters, and every player is profiled by the best person for the job.

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